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 veryhotthread  Author  Topic: Angels, UFOs, and Psychic  (Read 6681 times)
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xx Re: Angels, UFOs, and Psychic
« Reply #1770 on: Mar 30th, 2012, 10:58pm »

on Mar 27th, 2012, 08:03am, timetraveler wrote:
I seem to have stirred up a sea of controversy. The next time I have contact with a UFO or Angel I will ask them for ID and a sample of their DNA?


A DNA sample ............. would really be of interest to any of us, would it not? IDs? Not.
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xx Re: Angels, UFOs, and Psychic
« Reply #1771 on: Mar 30th, 2012, 11:15pm »

on Mar 29th, 2012, 08:39am, Easternbluestar wrote:
That is why I love this thread in this forum, our members explore things outside of the box, take on paradoxes and challenges to what is written, it makes for really good discussion.

Irwyn, I certainly always enjoy reading your postings, you share a great deal of wisdom here, and thank you.


Thinking outside the box .................. is something you do quite well EBS. The more you post, the more I come to believe you add what should be obvious together for inevitable conclusions. Have you dug into that site very far? It is loaded with people who think as you do.
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Some UFOs are angelic !!!


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xx Re: Angels, UFOs, and Psychic
« Reply #1772 on: Mar 31st, 2012, 10:07am »

Allow me to share with you some of the

history of my present life.
The first major trauma of this life was the

shock and trauma of my birth. I was

thrust out of the safety and security and

insulation of the womb into the

frightening light of life. There is pain and

trauma in being born but there is no pain

or trauma in death.
My first psychic experience was with

"automatic writing" when I was nine

years old[1939].
While I was sitting at my desk in my

classroom, I felt a “compulsion” to write.

I picked up a pen and I drew a design of a

cross that had a loop on top. I was “told”

by a voice in my mind, “Unto your hand

has been given a kingdom; you are a

keeper of the "Seals of Solomon."
I did not know what this symbol meant

until a few years later when I came across

a picture of an Egyptian “ankh” and it was

not until I was much older and more

learned in psychic teachings that I

understood that message.
Many years later, when I was developing

my psychic powers, I received automatic

writings which I believe were not only

intended for me but for the whole human

When I was 16 years old in 1946 I was

thrown out of the rumble seat of a

speeding car and I landed on my head on

the roadway pavement. I was removed to

Beth El Hospital in Brooklyn where I

remained in a coma for about two weeks.

It was questionable whether I would live.
After I recovered from this accident my

nervous system was still in shock and I

was sent to Psychiatric Institute in

Manhattan to undergo an experimental

series of 12 electric shock treatments [EN
This was a horrible experience for me

because when the electric shocks were

administered it was like getting

electrocuted in the electric chair. I

remember seeing a blinding flash of white

light in my brain and then the pain

became so excruciating that I lapsed into

unconsciousness. All of the other patients

involved in this experimental treatment

were returned to the hospital and the

treatment was abandoned as a failure. I

was the only patient considered to be a

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Some UFOs are angelic !!!


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xx Re: Angels, UFOs, and Psychic
« Reply #1773 on: Mar 31st, 2012, 10:10am »

In 1956, I just recovered from the flu, and

I felt very weak and tired. At this time, I

was visiting my mother and she noticed

my weak condition. She advised me to go

lie down on a bed upstairs. I lay down on

the bed upstairs, and I had the following

dream or vision experience.
I appeared to have what started out as a

dream in which I saw myself being

pursued by an unknown invisible force

and terrified I knew I must escape. I was

running through backyards and back

alleys and each time I came to a fence,
I would climb over it and find myself in

another backyard. Finally, I found myself

in a gigantic courtyard completely

different from the other backyards. The

floor consisted of black and white marble

squares set in a checkerboard pattern and

at a great distance ahead on the far side

of the courtyard, I saw a black wrought

iron fence at least 12 feet high.
I started to walk across this courtyard,
wondering how I was going to surmount

the high fence at the other end. As I was

almost in the center of this courtyard, I

became aware of a gentle breeze blowing

on me. As my “dream figure” stood there,

the breeze became a little stronger and

more so until it was a wind, and then it

became the strong wind of a hurricane. I

stood there not knowing the origin of this

mysterious wind. The dream figure asked

itself, where did this wind come from?

This is not part of my dream.
Then the strong wind knocked the dream

figure down and I lay on my back in the

dream unable to move. Then I was seized

in the grip of a powerful magnetic force

and I was slowly being pulled upward as

if I was going up in an elevator toward

the sky.
At this point, I became aware of three

separate states of consciousness. I saw

the dream figure Being drawn up into the

sky, I saw my physical body lying on the

bed, and I was aware of a higher entity

overseeing this entire experience. As I

was resisting the pull of this magnetic

force, I felt that my soul was pulled out of

my body and this would mean my physical

death. I extended my arms both in the

dream and in my physical body to ward

off this magnetic pull. When I was

halfway between my bed and the sky an

ecstatic feeling came over
me, and permeated my entire body, mind,

and soul. This feeling was a feeling of

pure love. This love was so beautiful and

pure that my total being realized that this

force taking me up into the sky was the

Creator taking my soul home to its source.
At this instant, I reached up with my arms

in the dream and in my physical body to

draw me toward this beautiful ecstasy. At

this time, I had no thought of anything on

this Earth, not my mother, father, family,

or friends. Only the overpowering joy of

yielding to this supreme force. Then,

abruptly, there was the sharp metallic

sound of a door latch being closed in the

hallway. Instantly the dream figure

stopped in midair. Then slowly and at the

same rate of ascent, the dream figure

began to descend as if it was an elevator

until it entered the physical body. When

the dream figure reentered my physical

body, I heard very clearly a metallic

sound like a heavy safe door being closed

and this sound seem to come from the

back of my head. I then realized that the

dream figure had joined with the physical

body and I was a whole person again.
During this entire experience, my entire

physical body was paralyzed with a

numbing and tingling sensation, which is

similar to when your foot "falls asleep".

Slowly the tingling sensation began to
wear off and soon I was able to wake and

resume my normal physical movements. I

was never the same after this experience

and my value system changed and I

realized that there are many dimensions

of reality and that living on Earth in a

physical body was only one dimension of

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Some UFOs are angelic !!!


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xx Re: Angels, UFOs, and Psychic
« Reply #1774 on: Mar 31st, 2012, 10:29am »

A unique experience happened to me

in 1958. I was meditating when I

"saw" a flashback visualization, and I

"knew" that this was a flashback of

150,000 years ago.
I saw myself walking along the top of

a gigantic sea wall, which I "knew"

was the Atlantis sea wall. I was about

five feet seven inches tall, my chest

was bare and completely hairless, my

hair was black, and my skin was an

abnormally white color like alabaster,

not tanned or apparently affected by

the Sun's rays. Around my neck I

wore a "magnesium" type disk that

was five inches in diameter. The disk

was engraved with a picture of twin

mountain peaks, and a star was

positioned directly above. These were

the Twin Peaks of Poseid, and the star

represented Polaris.
I saw myself walking along a road.

Farther down this road a group of

Humans were beginning to gather,

with the apparent intention of

attacking me. I realized the danger,

and I touched the metal disk with my

left hand while I stretched forth my

right hand in a straight line, pointing

it at a tree that overhung the road

where the group was forming.
At that instant a charge of electricity,

like a lightning bolt, shot out from my

right arm, and the tree split in two

and burst into flames. The group

became frightened and took flight.
I was aware that I was an alien

creature and that I was witnessing a

scene in Atlantis. I "knew" that I had

landed from a spaceship with thirty-

nine other Beings like myself and that

we came from Orion.
We were space scientists, and we had

come to Atlantis to perform

experiments with life forms and

nature and to study the natural laws

that governed the Earth. I also

"realized" that we were probably the

basis for the fable of" Ali Baba and

the Forty Thieves."
The leader of our group was named

for his home base which was the star

Regulus. He stayed constantly in the

laboratory that we had constructed on

top of one of the Twin Peaks of

He was the only one of our group

who could withstand the deadly

radiation that was present in this

laboratory from the radioactive

energy stones, which were chunks of

cobalt kept in the laboratory to supply

the energy stored in our disks, which

was necessary for our life support and

We were not humans, and our bodies

were artificially created. We were

similar to androids, and we had no

blood and no pulse except for an

electrical field radiation. We needed

no food or water to sustain us. Our

sustenance was directly transmitted

by the disks, which we wore around

our necks and which were charged

from the energy stored in the "hot

stones" in the lab.
Whenever we needed more energy,

we would levitate up to the mountain

lab and Regulus would place our disk

among the "hot stones" until it had

absorbed enough energy.
The Atlantean race was the most

intelligent race that lived on Earth at

that time, and they derived their

sustenance from the fish and kelp

found in the ocean. They had a thick

bone forehead and a strong bridge on

their nose as well as valves built into

their nostrils, which enabled them to

dive to great depths and to control

their breath. They also had an

abnormally large lung capacity and

could store a great amount of oxygen

in their lungs for undersea

exploration. Their descendants of

today are the Hawaiians and the

There were two other races that

existed at that same time in this area.

The Atlans were farmers who

acquired their food by scratching in

the ground with their crude

implements to grow crops. They had a

very low intelligence and were

animalistic in their nature.
The third group were the Tritons, or

the Creatures of the Sea, measuring

eight feet tall and covered with a thick

rubber like skin. Their hands and feet

were webbed, and although they were

mammals, they could exist for long

periods of time underneath the water.
The Tritons were the only creatures

who could effectively resist our

energy force rays due to their

insulating-type skin. They were a

menace to us because they would

frequently surface near members of

our group unexpectedly and

"playfully" crush the member to death

in a bear hug. We constructed the

Atlantis sea wall to keep them out.
Atlantis, as far as I could determine in

this "flashback," was part of a

gigantic land mass that existed

between what is now South America

and Florida and occupied a large area

of the Atlantic Ocean. Poseid, where

we had our laboratory, would

probably be close to where the island

of Bimini is at the present time.
As a genetic engineer, I was involved

with my team of scientists in

subjecting the Atlans to

experimentation by using crystal light

devices to alter their genetic

structure. Although our intention was

to create a hybrid race combining the

best qualities of man and animal, we

created mutant monstrosities of man

and beast and fish and bird.
Other teams of our scientists were

conducting experiments to control and

alter the weather conditions of the

Earth and to change the magnetic

balance of the Earth's gravity field.

Regulus and I and some other

scientists in our expedition were

opposed to these weather

experiments as we feared that these

experiments could destroy the Planet.
At this time there were severe

earthquakes and volcanic eruptions as

well as fierce weather storms. These

bore evidence to us that the weather

experiments were becoming

dangerous to the Earth's gravitational

field stability.
I received a telepathic message,

which I believed came from Regulus,

to return to the laboratory to prepare

for an evacuation. The preparation

involved allowing myself to be put

into a deep state of suspended

animation for the voyage in our

spaceship and then to be awakened

and revitalized when the journey was

I proceeded to the laboratory, which

required me to levitate myself up the

sheer side of the mountain. When I

arrived I was seized by some of my

fellow Space scientists who had been

assigned to conduct weather

I was informed that our group leader,

Regulus, had been destroyed by those

opposing him and that the insurgents

had decided to eliminate any

witnesses who could testify that they

had done experiments on the Earth's

magnetic fields in order to enslave the

Planet and its inhabitants.
I was loyal to Regulus, and I refused

to join the rebels. As a result my

energy disk was removed and I was

transported to an isolated desert area

far away from the laboratory where I

was left to die. While at this remote

place, I saw the spaceships of our

people coming to pick up the

survivors of our group and although I

tried to signal them, I was not

As time passed I witnessed

tremendous disturbances in the

Earth's magnetic field, and I became

aware of a great deal of radiation

present. The eventual destruction of

Atlantis was caused by the improper

tuning of the crystal light machines

used in the weather-control

In the end I saw a large section of the

land mass that was Atlantis tom from

the Earth and projected with

tremendous force into the sky. I

"realized" that this huge mass of land

would become the Moon, formed from

the land mass and debris involved in

the great destruction of Atlantis.
I also "knew" that the Earth at that

time tilted approximately seven to ten

degrees off its normal axis and was

wobbling in an erratic and dangerous

In time I came to understand that the

Moon was created. to balance and

stabilize the wobbling planet Earth so

it would not be tom apart and

Additional information was received

psychically by me that five of these

crystal light devices had been

secreted at different locations on the

Earth by these Space scientists and

would someday be found.
One was buried in a stone crypt in the

ruins of the Aztecs outside Mexico

City, another underneath or near the

Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, a third

in one of the stone pyramids of Peru.

Another machine was buried near the

city of Tientsin in China, and the last

in the Antarctic in the Rainbow City.

When these devices are found, the

Earth will again be able to access the

unified energy field of the Universe.
In the 1970s I was present at a

meeting with scientists and psychics,

which involved a joint project,

combining the "Bio-Energetics

Institute of New York City” and the

"Silva Mind Control Institute". The

purpose of this project was to

research and document psychic and

electromagnetic waves that emanated

from psychics when they were, “in the

As I was present in this room we

were awaiting the arrival of a very

famous psychic named Ingo Swann

who was invited to be part of this

group. I had never met this famous

psychic and I was looking forward to

his arrival.
When he made his appearance and as

soon as I saw him I was overcome

with a strong desire to destroy him as

if he was an enemy spaceship and as

if I wasdirecting all of my “laser

weapons” at him. I sensed at that

time that he was the scientist from

Sirius who had disrupted the Earth's

orbit and caused the destruction of

Atlantis and forced the construction of

an artificial Moon to be constructed to

balance the Earth's orbit.
At this point a woman psychic sitting

next to me said to me, “stop what

you're doing, your face is turning

I have since realized that I reacted to

Ingo Swann in this way because my

“collective consciousness” memory

“recognized” him as one of the

“rogue” scientists who had betrayed

our mission and caused my death in

Atlantis. It seems as if we each have a

“collective consciousness” that

follows us as we reincarnate.
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Some UFOs are angelic !!!


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xx Re: Angels, UFOs, and Psychic
« Reply #1775 on: Mar 31st, 2012, 10:32am »

I had told the director who was Dr.

John Pierrakis that if Ingo Swann was

involved I could not work with him.
The Bioenergetics and Silva mind

control experiments were done in the

United Nations building using their

television equipment. We were able to

record on videotapes the magnetic

and electrical emanations transmitted

by psychics when they were attuned

and, "in the power".
However, we were not supposed to be

doing these experiments in the UN

building and in order to continue our

work we listed our experiments as

“meditation” groups. Unfortunately,

this allowed the Russians to attend

our experimental sessions. We were

successful, but our work was dealt a

severe blow, when our best

videotapes were stolen by the KGB

and sent back to the University of

Leningrad in Russia to add to their

extensive psychic research.
Other Worlds and other systems exist,

which are mental, astral, ethereal, or

interdimensional. Beings from these

worlds can interpenetrate our World.

This is evident in the sightings and

abductions done by UFO entities. In

order to understand the UFO

phenomena, we must learn a higher

physics and adapt a different logic

regarding time and Space. This new

awareness will bring the human race

into the capability of time and Space

travel similar to the technology used

by the UFO Beings. We are on the

threshold of Space Age

Visions and flashbacks have revealed

to me other forms of life existing in

different places in the Universe. The

inevitable contact between the people

of the Earth and life forms from other

Planets has so far restricted itself to

particular individuals, but this cannot

remain the case for long. It will come

to pass in the not distant future that

official contact will be established

with these alien Worlds.
At that time, we will have access to

the Akashic records of Earth, which

will be made available to us by these

alien Worlds. Piece after piece of the

intricate puzzle of our existence will

fall into place, revealing our true

origin and helping us to understand a

little more of who we are, where we

came from, and why we are here.
At the present time, there are various

types and degrees of contact with

UFOs exploring the skies and

atmospheres around the Earth. From

the center of the Earth, from other

Solar systems, and from other

Dimensions, the UFOs come, as varied

in appearance as in purpose.
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Some UFOs are angelic !!!


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xx Re: Angels, UFOs, and Psychic
« Reply #1776 on: Mar 31st, 2012, 10:35am »

In the 1960s, I met Dr. “Barbara” who

was interested in psychic phenomena

and the paranormal. Dr. “Barbara”

was a psychiatrist in New Jersey

whose training included the teachings

of Dr. Wilhelm Reich.
One of the devices used in Reichian

psychiatry is an “orgone energy box”
which is a box made of heavy

cardboard with insulating layers of

aluminum and other material. This box

was designed by Dr. Reich and its

purpose was to expand and amplify

the psychic energies of anyone inside

this box. Dr. “Barbara” wanted to

experiment by placing me inside the

“box”. When I was in this “box” she

observed that the temperature of the

room increased by 10°. Then she said

that she observed a blue flame come

from the top of my head and go up to

the ceiling. We both believed that this

signified the opening of the seventh

or “crown chakra” which is located at

the top of the head.
My psychic abilities were magnified

while I was inside this “energy box”

and I was able to see diagrams and

receive information regarding the

propulsion systems of different types

of UFOs.
[Note: Dr. Wilhelm Reich was sent to

a federal prison in the United States

because our government had a federal

law declaring any research and

experimentation of “orgone energy”

to be illegal.]
I have had several experiences in my

life, which have demonstrated to me

that, “time travel” is possible under

controlled situations. I am relating

some of these true-life experiences as

In one particular instance, this was

dramatically demonstrated to me. I

doing a brief lecture for some patients

of Dr. Barbara. As I delivered this

lecture, I was standing with my back

against a wall.
I was speaking about Angel worlds

and UFOs, and I was very tuned up

and the whole room was

supercharged with psychic electricity.

When I was at a “high point” in this

lecture, suddenly the psychiatrist and

two of her patients got very excited

and they all pointed in my direction.
I asked them, “What is the matter?

What do you see?”
In concert they all said the same

thing, “We see a seven-foot tall Being

standing behind you on the wall

dressed in metallic silver “space suit”.

Then, we saw him merge into you,

walk out through the left of you, go

through the wall, and then another

identical being dressed the same way

took his place.”
Somehow, I had raised the frequency

of the room with my “lecture” high

enough to bring in an Angel or an ET

from another world that was on that

higher frequency.
This demonstrated to me that we can

bring in Beings from other worlds into

our room if we can raise the

frequency of the room to allow them

to “tune in” to the higher frequency.

In 1973, I was giving a lecture in

Montreal at a Spiritualist church at the

request of Reverend Rawls, and my
lecture subject was, "UFOs and Angel

worlds". The audience was mostly

French-Canadians who understood

very little English. I was speaking at a

high level of inspiration, and as I

lectured, I thought to myself, why am

I speaking on such a high level when

most of the audience cannot

understand English?
At this time, I looked at some of the

faces in the audience and my

attention was drawn to two “men”

who were seated in the center row.

When I looked at their eyes, I knew

that they were not of this world.

There was the calmness and centered

look of Angels in their eyes, and I

knew they were Angels or UFO

Beings. I realized that they were

raising the frequency of my lecture in

order to raise the audience to a higher

After the lecture while I was seated in

the rear of the church, these two

“men” came over to me and they

smiled at me.
One of these “men” said, "That was a

fine lecture, Mr. Greif, "and the other

“man" said, "You are the first "real"

Human being that I have met." At that

time, I felt honored as if I had just

been awarded the cosmic Academy

Were these two “men” the same

“men” who appeared as Angels to Lot

in the Bible?

Irwyn [Timetraveler]
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A Mystery is a truth yet to be uncovered!

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xx Re: Angels, UFOs, and Psychic
« Reply #1777 on: Apr 1st, 2012, 10:52pm »


How old were you when this experience took place? Was this your first major recollection of Atlantis, or did you have visualizations before.

I had a dream one time, where an entity appeared that had a Collar like appartus around their neck with a large gemstone that seemed to pulse bright and then dim. They were wearing a blue coloured(reminded me a diver's wet suit) deep blue metalic suit which hugged the contours of the body like elastic sweat suits do that gymnastic people wear. These dream entities had long blond hair (nordic type or Scandanavian type appearance) and these collars they wore seemed to be like a computer type system or something; controlled bilogical vitals perhaps, not sure. I am not the only one who in my spiritual group that I belong to, who has also had dream like visions of these beings.

Then I read what you posted, and I can almost picture myself being there. Could these dream visions be actually a past life vision? What do you think about that? One of the people in the blue suit identified themself as Gopal or Gopee. This dream was not a coincidence, as I was doing meditations for weeks prior to this hoping to have some type of lucid dream experience and to meet beings that may be present on the higher or astral planes. Are these fragmented past life memories? Are they the brain's way of "suggesting memories" that arise from the imagination?

It is a real work in progress to try and establish a real answer. To a skeptic, imagination would be the order of the day; to people who believe in reincarnation or spirituality; it poses possiblities that these interdimensional beings reside somewhere on inner planes of consciousness. A real paradox to say the least. Yet, when I read your postings above, it is like I can visiualize the area you mention. Interesting!

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Mysteries are facts yet to be uncovered.

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Some UFOs are angelic !!!


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xx Re: Angels, UFOs, and Psychic
« Reply #1778 on: Apr 2nd, 2012, 10:28am »

Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung postulated that every human being has the memory of all of its past experiences and even its past lives. He called this the “collective consciousness.”
Do not consider past lives memories recalls as imagination or fantasy. They are real. They are part of our history. We do not understand the many manifestations and aspects of reality. It is hard for us to understand that everything we do and will do is already written and recorded in the " Ether" AKA "Akashic Records".
If we limit ourselves to our memories of present life experiences we are not allowing for our past lives history and our past in research and exploration in other worlds and other dimensions. We are more interesting and more real than "Star Trek".

In 1958 I was 28 years old.

Thank you for replying to my postings.

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Some UFOs are angelic !!!


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xx Re: Angels, UFOs, and Psychic
« Reply #1779 on: Apr 2nd, 2012, 11:08am »

"Many Faces of Reality"-Irwyn Greif

About The Author
Author Irwyn Greif has been a noted psychic consultant, author and lecturer for over 60 years in the fields of psychic phenomena and UFOs.
He has counseled numerous celebrities such as William Shatner, Judy Collins, Dina Merrill, Peter Max, Arlene Dahl, Lyle Alzado [NFL],Richard Todd [NFL]and Neil Allen[N.Y. Yankees]. He has appeared on many TV shows including New York City's, "Two on the Town”, “Mid-Day Live”, “The Morning Show”, “A.M. New York,” and “Regis Philbin Show". He has made several guest appearances on Manchester [U.K.] radio show, “Exploring the Unexplained”.
He has written articles for many publications including the New York Post, Village Voice, New York Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Miami Herald, and the National Enquirer.
He is also the author of the books entitled, "The Soul is a Traveler in Time", [Vantage Press, Inc.],”Other Dimensions”, [Fiction Publishing, Inc.], “The Living Universe”, "The Many Faces Of Reality",[Fiction Publishing, Inc.]. These books are available from Amazon.
He is currently being treated for
Parkinson‟s disease as a resident of Palm Garden Nursing Home, Port Saint Lucie, Florida.

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xx Re: Angels, UFOs, and Psychic
« Reply #1780 on: Apr 2nd, 2012, 12:08pm »

He sounds an interesting man TT. I was diagnosed with advanced Parkinson’s back in 1997, couldn’t even hold a cup of tea dam embarrassing. I no longer suffer the complaint as I found it easy to cure. I use the word cure lightly as it does not cure it only elevates the symptoms and stops any advancement so you live a normal life without the aid of drugs but if you stop the treatment I comes back with a vengeance lol.
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Some UFOs are angelic !!!


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xx Re: Angels, UFOs, and Psychic
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I've had several experiences with other Worlds in the form of attacks against my person. There is one particular attack that I wish to recount because I believe that it was a "force of evil"[foe] from another World, possibly from the fourth dimension. The attacker was very real and very physical and I was almost killed.

About the 1970s or 1980s, [when I was married to my first wife], I had just finished doing a psychic reading and I was very pleased with myself.
I was taking a shower in my bathtub and I was standing near the water faucet. At this point I saw at the other end of this bathtub a six-foot tall, reddish colored “cat” dressed in a tuxedo and standing upright on its hind legs. I felt the evil that emanated from this giant “cat” and my breathing was overpowered by a strong bad smell like sulfur or possibly like a cat in heat.

This suffocating smell was interfering with my breathing and I was afraid that I was going to die of suffocation and at this point I mentally and physically said, "God help me". The “cat” then vanished, but I could not get that evil smell out of my brain and out of my nostrils for several weeks.

Evidently my cry for help was heard.

What do you think? Irwyn
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Some UFOs are angelic !!!


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This is the only physical contact that I have had with UFOs.

It was during the afternoon on a day in July 1962 and it was exactly 3:40 p.m. and I was hurrying to get to my job as a postal clerk at the Grand Central post office. I recall the exact time, because I had to be at work at 4 p.m. or I would be “written up” by my supervisor. I was south of Lexington Avenue and East 42nd Street in Manhattan and walking very briskly while trying to dodge the heavy pedestrian traffic.

As I was looking straight ahead, I suddenly felt my skull in the back of my head had been removed in an area of about 5 inches in diameter. It felt to me as if I was having a lobotomy operation and I could feel the coolness inside my head and a loss of bone density in this area. This area of my head had become numb. This feeling of numbness was very similar to the feeling that experiences when a foot or an arm “falls asleep” due to the pinching off of a nerve.

Then I saw with amazing clarity, as if I had an eye in this “missing” area of my head, a disk shaped spacecraft which I “knew” to be about 250 miles above the Earth. This craft was gently rocking back and forth as if in a gentle magnetic breeze. I was able to “see” into the interior of the spacecraft whose dimensions I sensed to be about 18 feet in diameter by about nine feet high.

I saw three “men” inside this craft. They all appeared to be about 5 ft. 7 inches tall. They all had white skin, black hair, gray eyes, and they all looked identical in appearance. They were each dressed in a gray colored mechanics type overall, which had no buttons or zippers or any apparent method of opening or closing this garment.

One “man” had his back to me and was seated on a raised plastic type molded chair. He was facing a crescent shaped keyboard of many different colored lights. This keyboard somehow reminded me of the music organ at Radio City Music Hall. I “knew” that this keyboard was the operating panel for the spaceship.

Another “man” was walking from the left side of the vessel toward the center. The third “man” was bent over a central support column which ran from the ceiling to the floor and made me think of the center axis of a gyroscope. He was peering into a black binocular type sighting device, which somehow reminded me of a Norden bomb-sight. I realized that he was watching me through this instrument.

Then I saw what looked like a steel cable coming from the bottom of the spacecraft and connecting to the back of my head, and although I knew it was not a physical cable, I sensed that it was to show me that a communication connection had been made from the spaceship to my brain. The cable followed my every movement as I dodged the human traffic on the street, and I felt that I was connected mentally to that spaceship.

During that day at work I tried to believe that this experience had really happened to me, but it was so unbelievable to me that my mind was inclined to dismiss it as an hallucination.

When I returned home that night after work, within a block of my house I saw a brilliant flash of silver light streak from one end of the sky to the other horizon like the blurred movement of a silver colored metallic object. This silver light traveled across the sky at a speed almost too fast for the eye to follow. At this point I looked at my watch and I saw that the time was exactly 3:40 AM, exactly 12 hours after the UFO sighting experience. I took this to be a confirmation from the spacecraft that my experience had been real.

What do you think? Irwyn
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xx Re: Angels, UFOs, and Psychic
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This cable that you mention; is it the same thing as the "silver cord" as talked about in Astral Projection, etc? I know that Robert Monroe talked about a cord in his "Journey's Out of the Body" book he authored. Interestingly, I had ONE experience in my life where I recall a "cord". I was doing Astral Projection study in the mid 1990s a few years after my NDE. During this one particular Lucid Dream like experience I was standing behind two french glass doors, and a long corridor went one direction and the other side of these french doors was what seemed to a surface like the moon The surface was brown, and not grey-white looking as in photos. This tiny but very elastic cord, pulsed with all colors of the rainbow everytime my heart beat. It seemed to be like this string that came out of the top of my head and went for infinity toward the earth, which I could see if looking from space! It was at that moment, fear overtook me; as I was lucid or concious inside this dream or soul travel, what ever label one wants to apply. It was like a strong elastic band and before my heart could take another beat, I awoke with this thump like sensation. I will never forget this, and there was a person showing me around at this locale; just where, I do not know, but seeing the earth looking somewhat like pictures of it from moonshots, I would have to say the viewpoint was away from the earth...but I would guesstimate, that from an astral point of view, I was looking at the earth from a viewpoint of being on the moon, perhaps the astral world moon.

Could my mind fabricate this kind of thing from total imagination? I don't know the when thinking from an astral world point of view, where does possiblility and reality separate? The line between both reality and imagination is fuzzy indeed. Since there is no way to quantify such an experience as that, for now it has to be just remain an entry in a very interesting dream diary.

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xx Re: Angels, UFOs, and Psychic
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EBS: the cable which I saw was merely to show that a connection had been established between the UFO and my brain. It really doesn't matter if the cable was pink, or blue or purple. Do not become preoccupied with trivial pursuits and above all stop confusing imagination with the reality of your other world communications. What you are experiencing is real and on a cosmic scale more real than the illusionary reality that you experience in your everyday physical life.
My question is what changes were made to my brain by the UFO when they made contact with me? We have to learn to accept things on faith and on our inner perceptions rather than trusting our five senses and the limitations of our conscious mind. The "chosen people" are not the Israelites but those souls whose consciousness has been raised to a higher understanding.

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