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 sticky  Author  Topic: UFOs and Aliens  (Read 61662 times)
xx Re: UFOs and Aliens
« Reply #555 on: Jun 23rd, 2006, 5:57pm »

on Jun 23rd, 2006, 4:07pm, Mewtwo wrote:
If you continue both working and imagining, it can't often end up by itself. So better to listen to ones' own body, speech and mind and give them, what they need.
I found that any alien contacts exhaust lot of subtle life energy , and the quality of your existence in large depends on presence and quantity of this energy.

What you say is very understated because it's so true but I can't do anything about it. I can't explain here and I probably will never explain why but just the same, my body is continually taxed and this is just the way it is. I am forever keyed up and a nervous wreck about it. I suffer physically constantly. More with some then others. They won't leave, so I'm stuck with them and in the interim, I do exactly what they don't want me to do. I do not watch television unless it's a poker game, I no longer read the newspaper, I spend my days doing pretty much absolutely nothing.

It would certainly be a lot easier if I could tell you what I can't ( and won't) but I'm not allowed to. I've tried and they hurt me.

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xx Re: UFOs and Aliens
« Reply #556 on: Jun 23rd, 2006, 6:24pm »

That's 'synchronicity' not dejavu

yes that's basically what I was saying, but figured 'synchronicity' isn't a very common term and people wouldn't get what I was talking about.

Interesting to know about those green orbs. An essential spirit is an orb shape, but those sound strangely big - maybe they're evolved differently, or just inhabiting forms that are also orb shaped.
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xx Re: UFOs and Aliens
« Reply #557 on: Jun 23rd, 2006, 7:23pm »

Truth is not fact

Fact is not proof

Proof is not truth

It can be a truth that all men are created equal.
It is; however, not a fact that this is so.

It is a fact that thousands of people state similar beliefs on any
given subject. It is not proof that this subject is an indisputable fact.

Proof is what we perceive.
Truth is what reality is.

As a boy, the son of a pilot, I saw many UFOs. Most of which were just balls of light seen from a distance and describing strange
paths in the air usually seen from the window of a airplane as we
cruised at 30,000 feet.
There was one that changed me into a believer.   Following is my story. I was 12 and the episode was over in a matter of seconds.
While sleeping in my second story bedroom in Huntington Beach, CA. I was awaken by a loud thunder clap outside my window.
Since the head of the bed was against the window I turned
over and rose up on my hands and knees to look out at the storm.
I was puzzled, a single cloud appeared to be over the houses across the street from me. It seemed to be hovering over the house
directly across from my room and was just hanging there.
I had my windows open and thought it strange there was no wind and the thunder clap was not accompanied by a storm brewing in the night sky.
As I cleared my eyes of sleep a pulse of white light and streamers of lightning burst from the base of the cloud and climbed up and around the surface. There was no accompanying thunder and I was even more confused.
I sat up and leaned against the sill and watched the white light
turn to a red glow. The glow grew brighter and what appeared to be
an incandescent object shaped roughly like a cigar descended from
the base of the cloud.
It descended till it was just over the house across the street. It
was no more than a hundred feet from my window and a hundred
feet above the house. It was so big that if I sat back from the verge
of the window  I would loose the outer contours. Only by looking
out and up at the same time could I see the whole object.
The next instant there was a loud clap of thunder and the object
that had hung in the air seemed to transform into a long bar of red
light that shot off into the distance and turned abruptly up into the
sky disappearing into the night in an instant.
The air in my room seemed to be sucked out and the cloud that had been there was now just a wisp of mist swirling along the path the light had taken.
I was so excited I tried to awaken my brother.  I made so much
noise doing it I was grounded for a week and received a spanking
for my efforts. Being twelve and prone to telling tales and fanciful
stories I was dismissed outright by every one.
There were no other witnesses and no one in the neighborhood had heard a thing during that night. Since then I have seen my share of strange lights but nothing has ever come close to that experience.

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xx Re: UFOs and Aliens
« Reply #558 on: Jun 23rd, 2006, 8:00pm »

Hmm, those cigar-shaped UFOs again. Sound like the ones mentioned in the Historical sightings thread that were seen during the Black Plague. I wonder why they'd use that sort of shape. Anyone have more info on these? There must be some kind of purpose to the cigar-like structure if they've been using it for over 600 years.
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xx Re: UFOs and Aliens
« Reply #559 on: Jun 23rd, 2006, 8:07pm »

Interesting stoty Woody I'd like to hear more if you have any. roman
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Knowledge is power never stop learning
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xx Re: UFOs and Aliens
« Reply #560 on: Jun 23rd, 2006, 8:08pm »

Now I want to express a few ideas I have on the subjects involved
in extraterrestrials and the possibilities of life in the universe.

First I think life is not only abundant in the universe, It is

I suspect it will be composed of the same genetic building blocks
of life as this planet we call Earth. I do not suggest it will be made
from carbon, nitrogen, and so forth but the same genetic material.  
The genes that form all life on this planet will be found in life
everywhere in the universe.

This is an out growth of studies done on the life forms of earth,
and the speculation that life may have been seeded here by comets.
Life seemed to spring from the earth in a huge explosion of
creation and diversity. I suspect it was the process of stellar explosions dispersing the substance of life throughout the galaxy that created us and all we see on earth. I base this on the fact that life can be found in every environment above and below the surface of our world. Life has been found in solid rocks and samples brought up from thousands of feet within the crust. It thrives in the depths of the oceans around thermal vents two miles deep. It is found in the core of nuclear reactors. It is found in the most toxic and deadly environments we can imagine. I believe we will find it even in the atmosphere of gas giants such as Jupiter and Saturn. It will be found in the deep freeze of comets, in the sulfurous lakes of Io, and on the moon of Pluto. It may not be animate or even complete genetic sequences but, I suspect, we will find the compounds and structures of life everywhere we look for it. The evidence seems clear by implication.

For intelligent life we have evidence of that here on earth as well.
There are many intelligent life forms on earth. We do not have
exclusive rights to that claim. Only that we are the ones that cover
the land and populate the globe in mass. The reports of UFOs and
the sightings of craft that appear to be controlled and constructed
dispute that assertion.

Allowing the government its claim to ignorance. Discounting all
reports of UFOs which can be explained.
We are left with an unalterable fact.
Hundreds and thousands of people all over the globe and down
through history have described apparitions and beings that are
intelligent, not human, and on this world.

As from where they originate I have no evidence. If the Government
or some other agency behind or beneath the government know, I can see no way we will be able to force them to reveal it.
It also seams that the ETs are of the same predisposition.
That is to remain  unknown and unidentified to the general public.

Although many people have reported to have received messages and conversed with the life forms encountered in their abductions or by other means, they inevitably recount something which contains
either assertions of beneficence or prophecies of doom.

The Aliens provide no proof and never allow those they have talked
with to return with concrete evidence of their encounters. I find
the tales these individuals tell suspect. Not in the respect of the
veracity of the individuals themselves but in that they may be
relating experiences that were scripted by those that abducted
them. Without some evidence to support their claims I choose to
remain unconvinced that their assertions are the unadulterated

I have heard many theories and read as many assertions that these
entities are from other worlds, or even deep within our own world.
None of these have been proved.

My own belief is that they might be from our future.   Consider
what you would be willing to do to insure your survival.

The idea of our descendants returning to retrieve materials and the
genetic code of their ancestors is intriguing to me. It explains a
great deal if viewed from outside or if you are convinced that we
will be the cause of our own downfall.

The aspect of historical visitations and the admitted influence of
these in the religious context lends itself to this idea as well.

It leads me to ask the following:  What if a future society was
desperate to survive their impending demise from an undetermined
cause? Might they be willing to meddle with their past in a last
ditch attempt to avoid the inevitable end?

Something happens or we manipulated ourselves to such a state,
sexual reproduction is no longer possible. The world is denuded of
all life. The resources are depleted so much that we no longer have
the ability to sustain ourselves. At some point the inevitable end was
realized and someone came up with the idea of preventing this tragedy from occurring by returning to the past and trying to change history so that the end we face in this proposed future could be avoided.

This premise is based on the reported evidence that sampling of
genetic material is the predominant experience of current
abductees. The historical record speaks of an attempt to teach and direct us.
Their influence in our past did not solve their problem. The end was
not avoided. The attempt to change the past was abandoned or at
least altered. Instead the retrieval of organic material and genetic
samples was substituted for the original plan of altering history.

My theory of time traveling descendants can be supported by these
things and accounts for many of the anomalous aspects of alien
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xx Re: UFOs and Aliens
« Reply #561 on: Jun 23rd, 2006, 9:35pm »

I am in a polific mood and will post this as a continuance of my last post.

The argument for ETs as aliens is good but contains a number of

If aliens are using our genetic material to alter their makeup and
prepare the world for invasion or cohabitation my first thoughts
are proved and all genetic material is the same throughout the
universe. Aliens from a different world would not be able to
combine our genes with their own and hybrids would not be viable
unless genes are universal in nature.

If they are our descendants then the genetic manipulation and the
harvesting of human biological material takes on a more
understandable and scientifically believable scenario within the
context of our current knowledge base.

Livestock mutilations fits this theory. If we have denuded the
earth sufficiently. The extraction of blood and sexual organs from
cattle, and the mutilations of other livestock fits nicely with this
idea. Trying to sustain their lives by genetic cloning of food stocks they would need the organs removed in these unexplained mutilations.

Returning to the supposition that an attempt to manipulate our
past was attempted we have to take into account that it was only
in the ancient past that we were directed in our social and
religious tenants. The visitations and appearance of angels and even the birth of Christ can be Integrated into this theory.

If God was able to produce these miracles and direct our faith to
such a degree in our primitive past, why has he not provided us
with a continuing direction and intervention on behalf of our
salvation? Why has Christ and the angels stopped guiding us and
visiting us? Why have we been left to our own devices?

Could it be that we no longer see these things in the same way?
Could it be they are still here but are manifested as UFOs and

Most people understand that there are instances in the record of
our past that are anomalous and unexplainable. Many have detailed
these anomalies and attempted to ascribe answers that fit the current scientific theories. The differing reports and historic record can all be defined within the limits of the theories proposed but to date no one has been able to combine all this information into a single concept and under the same heading.

I feel that there must be a way to connect all these things into a
story that makes since and includes all we know. This is the basis
for all scientific investigation and all we have gained in our understanding of the universe. I feel this is the best way to pursue my own investigations into the questions that plague me. The historical record for UFOs is evident all the way back to our prehistoric ancestors. These are just a few of over a thousand web sites that have pictures and corroborating evidence for my statement on this.

I have seen the evidence that we were influenced in biblical times
and the appearance of angles and devils were the manipulations of
aliens. These are a few web sites that focus on religion and the
record of UFOs. Again there are thousands more.

Aspects of direction and influence are apparent in many of the
cultures spread throughout the world all occurring about the same
time. These are web sites that focus on the historical records. All
agree that aliens and UFOs have been here a long time.

This appears to be evidence of a program to alter and direct us.
These things form a pattern and reveal a focus for this
manipulation and the influences these entities had.
The historical record supports a single theme for how we were
directed and the messages comprise a single focus for this
direction. I surmise these beings are interested in helping us avoid
Armageddon and are actively attempting to direct us to this end.
The question here is why do this? If they are from a different
world and one that is alien to us it is more likely they would want
the world for themselves and not be bothered with the primitive
life forms. They would want us to destroy ourselves and reduce the threat to their own colonization. This discounts aliens trying to help us.
If they want to help us why haven't they done so in the open and
landed in a public place where they could tell the world the truth?
If they are so far advanced and ascribe to a tenant that all
intelligent life is sacred and valuable? The argument for the
continued coverup and lack of open disclosure does not support

If they were advanced aliens able to help us and reveal the truths
of our universe to support these things they should wish to do this.
If aliens wanted to direct us and give us the answers then Why
haven’t they done so openly?

The evidence suggests that they do want to help us.
Why then do so in such a clandestine way? Our history and
that of the entire world has pictures and stories all ascribed to Gods Spirits angles devils and natural forces intervening and directing us as a species toward adopting moral and social tenants that raise us from the animal prehistoric past of Cro-Magnon man to our current evolutionary state. the record of that time is only in the drawings found in caves. As we evolved into a higher social order and writing developed the record begins to take form in the accounts of gods and spirits. I suggest that we may have been genetically manipulated from our very beginning. Having achieve a greater evolutionary state where our minds could be engaged the program of influence changed.It is then that the focus was altered to direct us to greater leaps of understanding and directing us in our social growth.
As time progressed the influences on our religious beliefs and
social structures helped to build distinct successful cultures all
separated by distance and geography.

I wish to interject something here. As the evidence suggests we
may have been genetically manipulated and socially manipulated.
However even with all the influence and manipulation attempted on
us we still remain the same violent hunter gatherers we originally
were. We have never been able to rise above or remove our hunter killer nature.

Throughout history we continued to progress toward higher morals
and a greater understanding of the world and universe we live in.
However we continued to kill each other and much of our energies
are devoted to making ways to do this more efficiently.
Within the historical record all of the prophecies throughout time
and in every culture reported visions of calamity and Armageddon.
They speak of death and destruction on a global scale. The
prophecies all retell much of the same things in different ways. All
have this single fact in common. They are describing an end brought
on by ourselves or some calamity of heaven and nature.
If all these prophecies are information given to us by aliens? Then
how can they know what will happen in the future unless they were
from that future.

If they were aliens from a different world or solar system? They
must have a way to see the future and know what will happen. They
would have to be willing to devote thousands of years in an effort
to surreptitiously direct us throughout our history. They would
have to be willing to devote their own existence to doing this.
I see no reason that an alien race would be willing to devote so
much time and effort on a race of apes that have only recently
developed any true capacity.

Why do these things appear in our entire written history and as
drawings in caves made by Cro-Magnon man? What purpose could
drive an alien race to be so devoted to our growth and advancement
as to spend at least 30 thousand years in attempting to do so.

This does not speak of aliens at all. This suggests the ones that
would be most interested in directing us would have to be us.
It suggests that our descendants having reached their end traveled
back in time and attempted to alter the course of events and our
social development in order to alter the future that has begun to
die.The repeated accounts through time suggest that these entities
worked to mold us and direct us. As our technology progressed and
the knowledge of science and math gave us greater understanding
the attempts of these aliens shifted and changed to a more direct approach.

We had gained enough information and knowledge to know that
things in the air could be craft of some kind. These craft had to
have people/ beings in them. The technology was also providing us
with ever more deadly weapons and our understanding of the
universe was taking quantum leaps. It is only in the last century
that we have gained the ability to destroy ourselves outright.

The probable cause for Armageddon has been ascribed to the use of our nuclear weapons in a third world war. Many of the historic
prophecies describe accounts that resemble just such a
catastrophe. Nostradamus the most widely quoted profit has many accounts in his work that can be interpreted in this way.

I suspect as of yet we have not passed this time and possible
future but the likelihood is we are transiting the most dangerous
period now and the quatrains do say something about a threat of
nuclear war with the Arab and Moslem nations. We are currently
embroiled in the middle east and the possibility of nuclear
weapons being exchanged is high.
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xx Re: UFOs and Aliens
« Reply #562 on: Jun 23rd, 2006, 9:51pm »

I did not want to cause alarm so take this to heart.

In our favor. We are able to deliver many more weapons and in a
much more accurate way. This does not mean that someone
somewhere can’t hurt us and has a way of delivering these bombs
to us here in the States. It only says we may not have as much to
worry about.

As the historical record is rife with images tails and prophecies
all of which can be ascribed to alien influence we must consider
how this relates to us today.

if the warnings and prophecies are from our future and contain real
information about our inevitable end the most likely people to wish
to avoid these calamities are the ones that have seen and been
through them.

This would be the people that came after us and now wished to
prevent these calamities from occurring. If these beings are alien
and we cause our own destruction in the future then why are they trying to prevent this?If they are alien and wish to help us? Why do it in such a extended program of manipulation? Why not just land and give us the information directly or in a world broadcast to all of our media?
They must be aware of our abilities in broadcasting and our
network of satellites would be a perfect way of doing this without
having to expose themselves to our weapons.The continued silence
and subterfuge on the part of the aliens speaks of a desire to remain hidden to the world population. Why do they wish to stay hidden? Why do they continue to appear and disappear without announcement of their intent and purpose. Why do they continue to attempt to manipulate us and perform genetic experiments on us.

I am only able to correlate the nature of this manipulation
throughout history as an attempt to teach and direct us. The
current aspects of manipulation and medical procedures suggests a
change in the focus of these aliens. A redirection in their attempts
to engage with us.

It is possible that the attempt to direct our religious and social
development was a success in that it forced great changes to
ripple through the time stream and our paths were redirected into
parallel realities. This did nothing but shift our current reality. It
did not change the future of those that had attempted the changes.
They continued to face their end and nothing they did in the past
would alter it because it is not their past but our reality they
change. grin
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xx Re: UFOs and Aliens
« Reply #563 on: Jun 23rd, 2006, 10:33pm »

I am sorry if I am overwhelming you with all of this posted on top of each other but I felt I should reveal my theory as much as possable and hope others would acknoladge its merrets.
What I am posting are exerpts from my published essay and selecting them in sequence so that you will be able to follow my thought processes.
I continue with my thoughts on time travel.

I wish to clarify my view of time. If we start with the premise that
there are an infinite number of parallel universes then an infinite
number of realities exist. Now if a future society already doomed
were to try to alter their past then the world that developed from
their manipulation would by necessity be a parallel world. If
history did not happen the way it did, the sequence of history
would not progress to the future that these individuals came from
and would never exist in this altered reality. Thus their actions did
nothing to alter their reality. However, I believe they can alter our

I propose that history can not be changed in our reality.
If it were possible to change our own history then there would be
no structure to time and we could go back and kill our grandfather
thus causing our own death setting up some unending loop in time.
Only in a parallel reality could you do this but then you would not
exist in that reality. As you do exist then you did not change your
own history but one of the infinite other realities that co exist
through out time space.When you returned to your own reality
you would discover that nothing had changed and history was not
altered for you.
The fact that you killed your grandfather may have ramifications in
that alternate reality but your history would have no record of the
events and all would remain the same as it was before you
attempted the murder of your fathers father.

The math seems to confirm it. I refer you to a recent episode of
Megascience on the science channel, titled “Time Travel”. The
theories discussed and the evidence presented supports my theory
of the possibility of time travel and multiple universes. They also
discuss aspects of the grandfather paradox however I think my
reasoning hits closer to the mark.

I suspect this is why the attempts to redirect our social order was
modified and partially abandoned.

The recent reports from abductees suggests a shift from this
original plan to manipulate social development to the alternate
plan of genetic retrieval. The directions and influence of these
individuals in molding society to adopt religious beliefs and social
tenants is suggested in the patterns of their involvement and in the
messages they delivered.

Their subsequent lack of attention and lack of manifestations
suggest a change in plans and a disinterest in interfering with
society as a way to alter the future.  

I refer to the continuing abduction evidence .

Reports of biological samples being taken, forced or coerced sexual encounters, hybrid offspring, and the tracking of people over there life spans.

This is evidence of a species trying to alter their own makeup in
order to enhance themselves or possibly reacquire the ability to
reproduce in the way we do. The aspect of tracking people over
their whole lives can be due to the viability of the samples taken
or a wish to Identify specific genes, quit possibly direct ancestors
of those performing these retrievals.

The pattern of events is quite clear if seen as an attempt to
revitalize a dying race.

All the unexplained events, and their overall aspect reveals a

Some agency or entity is manipulating us for their own benefit. The
most likely reason I see is the desperate attempt to survive. The
evidence speaks of a race that is dying and needs to collect the
materials from a time before genetic science changes the world

Our history and that of the whole world suggests the deliberate
attempt, by these entities, to change our social conscience to avoid
calamity. The information given us by all the prophets and all ancient texts say we are headed for the end of the world.

The means of that end is not completely clear and varies from one
source to the next but all agree that the end will come.
The reports of world calamity are depicted and expounded on by
many of the abductees and writings through out history.
Religious writings from all over the world and warnings from
profits to the writings of lost civilizations predict a great
conflagration that consumes the world and all but a few who
inhabit it.

I have problems with predictions and from where they are

It is difficult for me to believe that people can see the future.

It is more realistic for me to believe they were given the
information by someone who knows what has happened having seen it in their own history.

Prophets through the ages have reported angels, and other ethereal
agents which have imparted this knowledge to them and left them
to act on it in their own fashion. Throughout the pages of the
catholic bible there are accounts of visitations and influence of
the prophets all scripted to direct history and man toward a more
civilized belief structure and social awareness. The same precepts
and theologies were disseminated throughout the world at about
the same time. The reports of abductees say that these assertions
are still being made. It is the aliens that are now trying to tell us.

I postulate that our future descendants having seen the past and
identified the crux points where and in which their reality ended
badly decided to try to influence their history.

This is one explanation that includes all the evidence and the
historical records as well.

Still we will not wish to believe that the end is immutable, and we
are directed from the future. I do not assert that it is beyond our
ability to change. Only that the future that harbors these aliens is
I am done for the night and will post more if requested. I will also answer any questions or defend my theory if called to do so.
I hope you all enjoy my work and it inspires you to form your own questions. Please ask and I will help if possable and seek the answer with you if I can't.

Woody grin
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xx Re: UFOs and Aliens
« Reply #564 on: Jun 23rd, 2006, 10:45pm »

Wow, messages are just flying by in this thread. Perhaps people with big articles like above (myself included) should start making separate threads so it's easier to sort through.

Anyway I dislike time-travel theories a lot - my opinions on the universe's structure go against it - but it's just my opinion. I thought I'd note something:

The Aliens provide no proof and never allow those they have talked
with to return with concrete evidence of their encounters.

There's actually no amount of proof they could leave that would sway the people of the anti-alien belief system, and there is almost nothing they can do that Earth's thought-machine can't cover up. They could launch an all-out air strike on Earth's capitols and the governments would likely exterminate the threats, destroy most photographs, and blame it all on Al-Queda.

It seems to me that they're actually fighting to get our attention without getting killed. I'm not entirely certain, of course, but in abductions and NDEs, the aliens often reveal their plans and various secrets, and sometimes ask the person to tell others about them. Even the Greys seem to be infusing their DNA into our gene pool as though to make us more like them and more welcome to their presence. (sounds stupid, I know, but outsiders tend to be stupid)

The invaders aren't to be trusted, by any means, but I think the cover-up is mostly of Earth origin.
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xx Re: UFOs and Aliens
« Reply #565 on: Jun 23rd, 2006, 11:21pm »

Hi Zareste

Thanks for responding positively.

I see your point and agree that the media and government are in cahoots covering their own asses. But !!! As I said an alien would be able to do more if they just co-opted our satellites and broadcasted their intent to the world on CNN.

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xx Re: UFOs and Aliens
« Reply #566 on: Jun 24th, 2006, 12:01am »

Interesting possibility, but it sounds like one of those "aliens can do anything" ideas. They may not know how to interrupt satellites at all, or, the act of interrupting communication could break a treaty. It would definitely start an interplanetary incident and they would face consequences - Earth is not their playground.

Next you wonder what difference it would make - the station would simply halt the broadcast after about ten seconds when they spot the interruption, leaving the aliens no time to say anything useful, and later the media will say it was a sci-fi show that accidentally cut into the broadcast and that's the last we'd hear about it. The only people affected by the broadcast would be the ones who already knew about aliens.

I can't debunk the possibility, of course, but one should consider that aliens aren't an invincible all-capable force.
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xx Re: UFOs and Aliens
« Reply #567 on: Jun 24th, 2006, 12:02am »


I'm sorry I have one more thing to say about crop circles. Hope you don't mind? As I have dealt with the basics of my theory I feel a need to fill in some blanks.

Abductions, livestock mutilations, the continued harvesting of
genetic material, all these things are interrelated in one way.

A future that is denuded of self replicating life.
A world that has lost the ability to live without intervention.
An environment so controlled that all independent life is
nonexistent. A society trapped in a place that leaves no other recourse but to attempt to retrieve things that were lost.

Our current visitors are not willing to expose themselves to our
scrutiny and continue to harvest the materials of life from our
food stocks and our selves. If we wish to understand the reasons
we have to explore any and all possibilities and decide if the facts
fit the evidence.

Here is how these things fit to my construct:

Crop circles

From what I can discern about the prevailing theories they are:
 1. Formed by hoaxers.
 2. An artifact or some force of nature.
 3. The products of an “Alien” race trying to communicate.
I believe there are a few other ideas such as windows to other
dimensions, or the work of spirits and angels. These however have little to support them.

1.  Hoaxers

Admittedly some have stepped forward to claim responsibility but
the few who have revealed themselves cannot account for all the
crop circles around the world. They can only account for a small
percentage of the formations seen globally.

2.   Artifact or Force of Nature

I believe that to describe crop circles as an artifact formed by
some elemental force of nature is nonsense. Nature can not create
patterns of geometric, concentric, interlocking designs. These are
the product of some intelligence. Thus we can eliminate that as a

3. The products of an “Alien” race trying to communicate

The circles and designs are formed by an intelligence and created
in many cases with a force that alters the genetics of the plants
affected. In my opinion, this is the most reliable method for
identifying a real crop circle from those that are hoaxed. The only
aspect of crop circles that can be verified by the scientific
community that is beyond our capabilities at this time is the
genetic alteration in these real crop circles. Experiments
performed by many universities have confirmed that this is one
aspect that tags a crop circle as genuine and not hoaxed.

There are many other telltale signs associated with the real thing,
but this is the one I choose to use as marker for truth and evidence
of some advanced technology used to create them.

This also connects crop circles to my previous assertions.
The prevailing theory is that this is a device “Aliens” are using to
attempt to communicate with us.

I have a problem with this.

If  “ I “ assuming the intent of the aliens, wanted to make myself
known or communicate with the inhabitants of an alien world I
don’t think I would go to the trouble of deforming crops on a world
wide basis drawing pictures in a symbolic language. Doing so in the
dead of night or the relatively uninhabited regions of open farm
land. I would use my advanced technology to broadcast a message to all the inhabitants in every language I had at my disposal.

I believe it is insane to think that an alien culture would go to such
extremes to attempt to communicate. In fact it can not be
communication in that sense.

Crop circles are pictograms described in our crops and fields. They
are left and no effort to make actual contact is attempted.

It seems more likely that these designs are for some other purpose
than as a means of communication.

Communication by definition is to attempt to EXCHANGE or impart
information, thoughts, or messages.

Certainly the pictograms contain information and are mathematical
in nature but the meanings follow no progression and the aspect of
imparting information is obscured by the unrelated aspects of each
crop circle.

If these crop circles are for communication, to impart information,
to open a dialogue, or to give warning then why are they so
cryptic? What purpose do they serve hidden in the fields and what message can they contain that can only be deciphered by mathematicians?

If I wanted to communicate with some one and could only draw
pictures. I would attempt to take someone and instruct him or her in my language and names for the pictures I draw. I would not leave them to be misinterpreted by people that had no understanding of what those pictures meant. I would attempt to instruct or at least identify specific meanings to each picture. I would give someone the ability to understand me by teaching them the meanings for my words and the things I draw.

It seems to me that we are mistaken as to why these things occur.
I know of only one group of formations that bears any resemblance
to an attempt to communicate. This example consists of a block of
figures that appear to show a genetic helix and human like figure
bordered by a frame of depressed vegetation.

The image was very similar to one we sent out in 1974 at the
inception of the SETI project. To my knowledge we have not had a
return radio signal and have not received a reply yet. That is unless you count this formation which only appeared once in 2001. This image was left in a field adjacent to the Chilbolton radio telescope in England. Investigators have not been able to confirm where this came from but suspect pranksters.
Full analysis with graphics and tables by Dr. Cornet may be viewed

I suspect we are again mislead by our hopes and dreams of an alien presence on earth.

If we take a step back and look at the crop circles as a part of
some other larger unknown plan then we may gain a new

I have attempted to correlate many of the aspects of alien
abduction and cattle mutilation into a single theory. I predicated
this on a future inhabited by a race of altered people and
genetically sterile livestock. I proposed this as the underlying
reason for the continuing abductions and harvesting of biological
samples. I wish to now attempt to incorporate crop circles into
this theory.

If our descendants have destroyed our environment and consumed
all the resources beyond their capacity to sustain themselves. Then
crop circles fit nicely with the retrieval of material for the sustaining of a future unable to grow the food they need to live.

Instead of just taking large chunks of crops the circle makers are
altering the genetics of these crops and retrieving the basic
materials of these altered crops. The circles and designs are just
to disguise their true purpose which is the genetic manipulation of
these plants. The aspect of genetic mutation in the plants left
behind suggests that they were manipulated and altered by some
thing for some reason.

The pictograms may just be to cover the evidence of these crops
being harvested and altered for an environment that no longer
supports that type of growth. The variety of crops affected is
extremely wide and the aspect of the genetic alteration is evident
in every one that is considered to be a real crop circle. I suspect
this may be the connecting reason for crop circles, Aliens, and
cattle mutilations.
If you disagree then show me where I am wrong . I will be glad to hear what you have to say.

Woody rolleyes
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xx Re: UFOs and Aliens
« Reply #568 on: Jun 24th, 2006, 02:03am »

Connecting the dots.
I think I must clarify my stand on the subject of UFO’s.
I believe they are real. I believe they are constructed of physical
compounds and are peopled with beings that do not look like us.
I believe that people all over the world have seen, been abducted,
and manipulated for reasons unknown. I believe there is a government coverup and we as individuals are unable to access information that proves this.
As I have postulated one of the few correlated facts of all alien
encounters is their known attempt to manipulate and direct us.

Still the true purpose of this remains a mystery.

In a significant portion of the reported abduction cases the people
speak of receiving warnings and predictions of future events.
They recount directions they were given, and actions they have
taken to attempt to alter the course of time and effect the changes
needed to avoid the calamity described in their assertions.

The government is denying everything and misdirecting attention
from the true answers for their coverup. They foster the image of
ignorance and continue to assert their disinterest in the ufo and
alien reports.

Any one that can believe the government is not aware of the ufo
phenomenon is blind to the truth.

To date I have investigated over 10,000 pages of information
regarding coverups and government disinformation.  
A few of the sites I used as reference include :
There are thousands more and each has a collection of stories and
accounts that support the fact that there are craft not of this world,
and far out stripping our technology.
My investigation revealed the following:

1. There is a cover up by the government. No big surprise there.
2. The media is fed conflicting reports from  the government and
the people as well.
3. The scientific community is not willing to discus any anomalies
in the evidence without attempting to describe these things in a
mundane way. NASA being a government agency is circumscribed
by the need to maintain funding and thus must cooperate with the
coverup for the government.
4. No matter the evidence; all unidentified objects are dismissed
out of hand by the government.
5. Even when the government responds to intrusions of sensitive
air space or military bases the aliens can not be caught or identified
by the individuals involved.
6. Statements made by conspiracy theorists have no greater or
lesser validity than those made by the government.
7. Documents leaked to media and disclosed by individuals believed to have firsthand knowledge have all been discredited in some way and the question of the validity in the evidence remains
distressingly unconvincing. None of these people in the government or the public can give reasonable explanations that are consistent with all the evidence. It appears that everyone has a belief but none are based in a full understanding of what is in the evidence. As if no
one is able or willing to correlate this into a reasonable explanation
that fits all we know. Most, if not all, people act as if a single explanation is the true one.  In every case I can  point to evidence that contradicts their assertions.
The evidence is substantial that these things exist and the
encounters happen. The evidence suggests that these things are controlled and directed from an intelligence and awareness of our actions in attempting to identify capture or destroy them. The photographic and video evidence shows craft or objects which appear to defy the laws of motion and inertia.  Thus they exhibit control outside of nature. The objects have been seen recorded and reported throughout history.  They can be found in the writings of 1st century monks and are evident in the cave drawings of neolithic man. There is something out there and no one can say exactly what it is.
The government has fostered a belief that UFOs are nothing to
worry about since they can’t catch one and no one can produce
physical evidence of devices made from or by beings outside of this

The population is saying we see things that do not fit our
understanding and the government is saying these are spurious
sightings of classified ships or craft that are vital to national

The craft do things that no other conventional craft can do and are
often seen as glowing orbs of light that shift in color and phase in
and out of our existence.

Every chase or attempt to identify these craft only support the
idea that these things are not of our current technology and beyond
any aircraft we currently have in our arsenal.I have seen film from the shuttle program that looks like a craft gliding above the earth in an arc which followed the contour of our globe and a streak of what has been conjectured to be a burst from a pulse weapon which attempted to destroy this craft.

I have tried to view this as what the scientists at NASA describe
to be ice particles caught in an instant of reaction to attitude

I cannot bring myself to accept this.
The actions of these particles do not appear to be in response to
the thrusters. They move prior to the flash of thruster gas and
travel in opposition to the thrust that was applied by the jets.
I believe this is video footage of a craft that was tracked and
targeted. The streak of amorphous light energy that transits the
point that the smaller, brighter object was about to intersect was
a weapons discharged from the surface by persons unknown.  I
believe it was an attempt to destroy or damage the object that was
targeted. The smaller white object is seen making an abrupt reversal and change in trajectory away from the path that this streak of light takes and does so as if anticipating its point of intersection.
It is only after this that the control jets are fired and we see the
light from their ignition. There are countless other instances of craft or objects describing radical course changes and appear to be controlled because of them.
The evidence is substantial that these craft are real and

Everything the government has collected in the past 60 years is
held as top secret and is not something we can gain access to.

If I were the government I would keep this secret.
I would make every effort to back engineer these things and
discover their secrets. In this I agree with the government about the need for maintaining the secrets as long as possible. The outrage of some individuals at not being trusted with the information is understandable. However I feel it is unreasonable to demand that we disclose information that could be used against us.

Although the fall of the soviet union and the end of the cold war
has provided us reason to think we can now stop with our clandestine work on weapons and aircraft. I feel this may be premature. We are still faced with enemies all over our globe and we, as a nation, are not omnipotent and indestructible. We are just the most advanced nation on earth at this point and not assured of keeping this advantage yet.

It is argued that we can dispense with the secrecy on this subject
but we have seen over and over in our history that those who have the greatest knowledge, and can keep their secrets longest, have the greatest chance of winning in any conflict.

The public has gone uninformed of the true purpose of this
coverup and believes there is no threat to revealing this
information. I propose the government believes we are threatened by these alien craft and the beings in them. I propose that the government is actively working to defend us from these aliens. We have been in an escalating conflict that began after WWII and
the discovery of downed craft in Roswell. Up to that point we did not have anything to work with and our enemy was a total enigma to us. Up to that time all we had were reports of our pilots and soldiers
who saw and encountered these things in the skies over the whole
world. Since we were involved in a world conflict of our own making, the focus was on identifying which, if any, of our enemies might have
created these things. They could not be ascribed to any terrestrial government of the time. The technology was so far advanced to our own that it was inconceivable that someone of this world could create them.

Only after the crash in Roswell were we able to get a look at the
substance of these things.

Things that moved so fast and maneuvered so quickly they surely
could destroy us if they were used in an offensive way.

After this time the government had its first piece to work with in
order to attempt to understand what it was we faced from these
beings and craft.

The lid was slammed down on this information just as we did with
the Manhattan Project. Aliens and these craft were the most
threatening thing we could possibly contend with. They could not be
defeated by the technology of the day. We did not know what they
were made of how they moved what powered them and who were
controlling them.
The story of Roswell is so often retold and reexamined the
evidence has been obscured by time and mythology.
I choose to take only what was reported in the one time radio
report that a local farmer had found a crashed disk like craft and the
military was called in. The descriptions of the material associated to first hand statements of Major Marcell. and the subsequent substitution of a weather balloon photographed with the major. No reports of bodies or beings can be supported by more than circumstantial evidence of a local undertaker’s account of child sized coffins being bought or commandeered immediately after this occurrence.

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xx Re: UFOs and Aliens
« Reply #569 on: Jun 24th, 2006, 02:09am »

to go on.

By the statements and evidence I cite here we can say for sure that
something crashed in the deserts of New Mexico. The debris was
collected and taken by the military. If bodies were found, they
were taken as well. The government  decided that this was of extreme concern to us and presented the public with an opportunity to discover what it was that threatened us. I suspect the thinking was similar to what was ascribed to the war time enigma machine and our own advances in radar and computers.
This information was needed to defeat the Germans and Japanese.
Only those that needed to know were let in on the truth and every
effort was made to keep from revealing that we had captured their
machines and code books. The government hid the fact they had developed technology that was able to decipher coded messages in realtime, and possessed a way to see further than any man could with his eyes alone.
I suspect the government decided that we had to keep the
information about the crash from the public but also keep it from
the aliens as well. The greatest advantage we had was in knowing what these things were and not revealing this to the ones who threatened us.
As we have progressed in our technology we have made astounding discoveries and the pace of invention has accelerated to a point of near frenzied activity. I suspect that the cold war and the threat of nuclear annihilation served two purposes. First it defended us from aggressors bent on world dominance and also gave a way to cover up the technology we were discovering in back engineering the recovered craft.

The aspects of government coverup and military weapons programs
is significant. The weapons are in fact real and designed to deal with the terrestrial threats. The black budgets and secret programs of this endeavor serve as a place to hide the UFO and alien studies. It serves in both keeping us ignorant of what is going on, and obscures our intent from beings who might seek to stop us if they knew.

The cold war is a perfect analogy to this as it was the fear that we
could and would do something in reprisal that stopped the Soviets
from attacking us. The unknown aspect of our technological
advances kept the Soviet Union at bay and unable to act for fear we
might have something to overmatch them.

As I see it, the aliens have been doing as they like for centuries
with the self assurance of their superior technology to keep them
invincible and above those they chose to manipulate.

By all accounts we have been directed and manipulated through our
whole existence. It was only in the middle of the last century did
we achieve a state of technology able to threaten ourselves with
complete destruction.

Until this time the historical record speaks of aliens, gods, spirits,
devils, and a variety of meteorological or elemental forces of
nature providing direction and manipulation of our existence.

These things all direct us to adopt more advanced moral concepts
and provide a guide toward improvement. The overall aspect of the
influence on our societies was a net positive effect.

Only after the discovery of the hydrogen bomb did the aspect of
alien visitation change from a simple attempt to inspire religious
beliefs or advanced moral concepts to a program of abduction and
genetic/biological experimentation began.

It was in this atmosphere of fear and threat of world destruction
that the government was faced with a new threat. The aliens that
to date, had not been willing to expose themselves began a more
intensive program of abduction and interference with the actions
of our populations and government. They were flying over secret bases and interfering  with our electronics and weapons. This action scared the government even more and reinforced the impression there was a threat against which we needed to be defended.  

The government abandoned their attempt to satisfy the public and
declared there was nothing to fear.

All along they redoubled their efforts to discover ways to defeat
this threat.

They are still afraid and are still working to solve the problems of
defending us from these aliens. They can’t reveal what they know
because they don’t want the aliens to know that we know.

The aliens know we are trying to counter them but continue to  
believe they have the advantage. The aliens are aware we know
they are here and are interfering with us. They know we have
material taken from them and have used this information to
discover things about them that are helping us to develop
defenses to counter them.

They are not certain what knowledge  we have and do not know if
we would destroy ourselves if they tried to forcefully control us.
We might just unleash the weapons we have and destroy everything.

They continue to take people and the genetic materials of this
world but no longer attempt direct social intervention.

The current selection of videos leaked to the public from the space
shuttle program show what appears to be a craft that is shot
at. This tells me that someone is aware and attempting to destroy
or scare off these craft. If a craft is seen in orbit or transiting our close space it is fired on and driven off.

It has only been after the inception of the Star wars defense
program proposed by President Reagan that our science found
weapons able to threaten these craft.

There will be those that say we have aliens in our custody and have
done experiments on them. That we are actively engaged with these
aliens in an exchange of information for access to the population.
That the government is in fact working with the aliens to depopulate our world or control the public for nefarious purposes.
I do not see this as very likely. The evidence does not support it.
These people will cite reports by  Mr. Bill Hamilton. His reports of
J-rod (an alien in U.S. custody) are based on his association with a
now dead biologist that worked for the government in the later half
of the last century. This is his account of aliens held in basses underground at aria 51 and in other locations around the country. He is cited every time the subject of aliens cooperating with the government is addressed. After reading a dozen documents
published by Mr. Hamilton I began a search for the reference material that he cites.
In my investigation I found many reports that cite this document :
“Q94-109A”. I found what appears to me to be the first mention of this document at this web page:
Dr. Dan Burisch and Q94-109A Dr. Burisch (Dan Crain, Ph.D.)
authored document Q94-109A.
by M. McDowell, B.S., M.A.
The author had to take her hand written/tape notes and transcribe
them while spending many hours in the library looking up medical
terms. She is the one who wrote this and not Dan Burisch.
This document Q94-109A details the work done by Dr. Dan Crain
(Dan B Catselas Burisch, Ph.D.) . It appears to detail the sampling
and research performed on extraterrestrial tissue obtained from a
live source. The aspiration samples were gathered and evaluated by Dr. Crain in his capacity as a microbiologist for the United States Navy.
A quote ascribed to Dr. Dan Crain in reply to a question about
  " You see, 'they' are on an evolutionary downturn. Their entire
genome is becoming defunct. My job was to back engineer their
neural cells - really small microglial tissue."
This is suggestive and would fit my theory of a future dying and
the aliens returning to retrieve genetic samples.
The author: M. McDowell,  goes on to say she obtained the
document Q94-109A in a fax she received which describes Dan's
interaction with the extraterrestrial that is known as Captive,
She says she showed Dan a copy of the document, with his
signature and a verified alternate source of his signature. Dan
demanded to know where she had gotten the document, went white
as a sheet , started to sweat and refused to make any further
The rest of the text that follows is a extremely complicated
document that attempts to suggest that alien biological samples
had been taken and a great deal of work performed in an attempt to
combine the alien DNA with Human DNA. This suggests that at the least we are engaging in a program that seeks to combine alien DNA and human or define the possibilities of this. I can not discount the document and its assertions
and think it supports my theory well enough to say it might be proof of my assertions. The fact is this document was a poor quality Fax sent to a known UFO investigator and author. There are also other considerations as to its validity.
Poor quality in the text reproduced can be seen as made from a bad
original and places some doubt as to its authenticity.
It does not invalidate the content. It only says that it may not be a
single true government communication, or may be a construct of
pieces from a much larger document.The reported source in the heading of this fax can not be found and the sender has since dropped out of sight. All reported attempts to reestablish
contact have also failed. The assertion of the author is that this individual has been neutralized by agencies of the government. Dr. Dan Crain (Dan B Catselas Burisch, Ph.D.)
is reported alive and retired. The most complete source I have found is this site:

I chose to take this as evidence however questionable that I may
have a sound basis for my theory.
In this document, some agency of the government is experimenting
on aliens or at least biological samples. It does not give us where
these samples were acquired other than a reference to a captive.
I believe the subsequent stories of J-rod as the alien held captive
are anecdotal. I have found no other documents that can support any
other conclusions. I have contacted Mr. Bill Hamilton but to date he has
been less than forth coming on this topic.
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