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Sep 24th, 2017, 09:10am

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 thread  Author  Topic: 1950 simple Kodak photos could be still the best  (Read 119 times)
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xx 1950 simple Kodak photos could be still the best
« Thread started on: Sep 12th, 2017, 8:57pm »

Paul Trent, 67 years ago, took two shots of a UFO in McMinnville, Oregon.

The Trents never received any money and endured ridicule over the photos.

Locals claimed it was a truck mirror from his truck put on a string.

Years later and still true today, UFO photos are blurred even with better equipment.

Several attempts have tried to proves these photos a hoax, but some how these two photos have survived the test of time.
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xx Re: 1950 simple Kodak photos could be still the be
« Reply #1 on: Sep 14th, 2017, 9:48pm »

I published an analysis of the Trent photos in UFO Truth e-zine Issue 21, September/October 2016. I believed the Trent photos were real and set out to prove it. Sadly, I ended up proving that the photos were hoaxed. The work of Maccabee, the work of Cousyn, Louange, and Quick, and the work of Carpenter were evaluated in this analysis and all were found to be valid up to a point. My original contribution was to use the kinks in the electric wires to triangulate the position of the wires relative to the object in the photos. The triangulation of the object in the two photos placed it directly under the electric wires. I set up a model of the electric wires in my backyard and hung an inverted six inch paper bowl spray painted silver from the wires. With a little experimentation, I was able to replicate the Trent photos.
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xx Re: 1950 simple Kodak photos could be still the be
« Reply #2 on: Today at 12:00am »

on Sep 12th, 2017, 8:57pm, Nyx wrote:
Several attempts have tried to proves these photos a hoax, but some how these two photos have survived the test of time.

The Trent case is very complex and partly remains a classified item to these days. So I don't know exactly how to construct the synopsis. The task is made more difficult by the fact that the ET's have been actively avoiding detection by the official scientific establishment, and for that purpose, they often lead public UFO investigators astray, which often results in a misguided effort on their part, which, in turn, the interested public may regard as a well-established methodology, and some even like it that way. In its extreme case, there are two shoeboxes: one is labeled REAL and the other HOAX. Then, those folks who regard themselves as experts in photography decide into which shoebox a particular photo depicting UFO appearance belongs. And that's it. Those few photos that have landed in the shoebox marked REAL are just enough to keep the faith alive.

But strictly speaking, the experts rarely or actually never repeat taking a picture of a UFO, which they deem by their expertise to be a hoax, for a comparison. This omission obviously violates the basic principle of science. But in the case of the Trent photo, it is virtually impossible to replicate it, and you will see why.

The intro to the case is... well, an alien one. It is a demonstration of ET's having far, far superior abilities of forming associations that we may be aware of, but which we regard as having no meaningful value. The alien abductees are often bewildered when asked various questions during psychological testing. Here is one related to the Trent UFO picture, which the abductee doesn't see though:

hoax or real?

"What 'hoax or real?' Where is the reference to the question?"

Now, the guy who works for the ET's raises his voice to accent a part of the question:

hoax OR real?

"Well, show me something on that screen, as always, so I can answer," the abductee demands.

By raising his voice, the psychologist is keen to find out whether the abductee is capable of substituting the blank screen with other information medium; if he or she would be able to consider the change in the audio level and visualize the coordinating conjunction OR.

If the abductee is an Oregon native, the chances of zooming in on a particular location would increase, because the postal abbreviation for the states of the Union comprises two letters, and the state of Oregon has been assigned OR.

Let's now reverse the role, put an ET kid in the chair instead and ask a few questions:

1) OR_____?
2) OR_____?

Let's see how the kid answered...

1) OR(egon)
2) OR(igin)

Hmm... Are (1) and (2) related?

If the answer comes from an ET, you bet it is. But what kind of relation is there?

The ET kid explains it this way: Oregon was born (origin) when admitted to the Union as the 33th state, and there exists a relationship:

OR <----> 33

See, OR is a collection of two letters: O and R. Since "and" can be substituted with "+" (one and one is two), it follows that

O + R <----> 33

By substituting O and R with numbers according to the way letters are organized in the alphabet, the relationship becomes an identity in particular:

If O=15 and R=18 then O+R=15+18=33.

We've never noticed, but the ET's did. Have you ever wondered what is a UFO doing in the middle of nowhere? It is NOWHERE for us, but not for them...

But that property is not unique among the states; there are other two states with the same property: Illinois and Nevada. (I+L=21 and N+V=36). How did the ET kid choose Oregon? Let's ask...

Grtedlishuunrfdaewqqodyroit, would you be so kind and highlight a few characters in the "Oregon identity" that explains your pick? You can bet your house that the ET kid will use ORange colOR for the highlight.

O + R = 33

See? What did I tell you... Unlike us, the ET's try to avoid random choices as much as possible.

The choice + and 33 couldn't be obviously random, and it is the task of a UFO hoaxer to find out the reason behind the choice. If the hoaxer fails, he or she can't possibly hoax UFO pictures. In most cases, you really don't need a photography expert to find out whether an image of a UFO is real or not.

By highlighting + and 33, the ET kid creates a new relationship:

+ <------> 33 ?

Here, the hoaxer may say this: "There is a relationship between + and 33, because + means plus, 33 is a number, and we add numbers, right?

That's true, but the same applies to Illinois and Nevada. The ET kid is well aware of the options that concern the interpretation of that symbol "+" and will use one of them.

User Image

The symbol for plus is also recognized as one of the Christian crosses; namely, it is the Greek Cross.

Yes, but how does the Greek Cross relate to 33?

It probably doesn't, but since it is a symbol of Christianity, the question is modified accordingly and asks what is the relation between Christianity and 33 with respect to a cross.

That question has an answer:

That's right. The majority of scholars believe that Jesus Christ expired on the cross at the age of 33. Hence + <-----> 33

Now, when you go back to the original identity O+R=33
you also see that if the symbol for Oregon is OR, then there is a cross(+) in Oregon: O + R

Where is it? Can you find it?

There is a trick that helps: It's virtually impossible to find the particular cross(+) in Oregon - only God could do it. And so we go to a Catholic church to ask God for an advise. As you look around, you will see always the same thing:

User Image

The religious artifact always shows Jesus being crucified on the Latin Cross. That means, we are looking for the Latin Cross in Oregon. How about this one?

User Image

There must be thousands of "crosses" like that in Oregon!

Well, that's true. How about this one?

User Image

If you want to play a guessing game, go ahead...

It's obvious that the ET's will mark the right cross. How? Well, the usual way.

User Image

But the flying disc could have acknowledged the building, not the utility pole aka the Latin Cross.

That could be hardly so due to geometry. The ET's have tried to teach earthlings how to recognize unique vertex points, like the point of intersection

User Image

but apparently in vain. You can see the classic example of two unique vertex points being linked in the next pic.

User Image

Now you see two Latin Crosses: one is the utility pole and the other is made of the two lines of symmetry.

The ET's added one important parameter that makes the photo virtually impossible to replicate: Since Oregon is the 33th state, where 33 refers to the age when Jesus died on the cross, the time (years) becomes an important parameter. The photo was taken in 1950 where

1950 = "nineteen fifty"

Since "nineteen fifty" are two words - nineteen and(+) fifty - and

19 + 50 = 69,

number 69 must be included in the picture, as it is.

User Image

It is the omni-important angle of inclination. Now take a frisbee, select a point of reference in the viewing area and by taking pictures, try to replicate what you see on the geometrically reconstructed Trent photo. The chances that you succeed are so high that you would give up trying.

It must be obvious to anyone equipped with a bit of sanity that Paul Trent hoaxed a pic of a UFO under the influence of his neural implant. The ET's simply turned him into a robot who performs tasks exactly as their computer model set it up without him having the slightest idea about it. Welcome to the real living universe...

And so, this is just the synopsis. The ET's included other features to evidence that Paul Trent did unwittingly exactly what the ET's wanted him to do.
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