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Jan 19th, 2018, 11:27am

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xx Marc Dantonio Rebuffs Steven Greer
« Thread started on: Apr 9th, 2017, 9:53pm »

Marc Dantonio
April 5 at 9:09pm

I received an email from Steven Greer entreating me to buy a ticket to see his latest movie in an LA theater. As I read the description I could not get over the blatant untruths he was offering up as if fact.

The email plodded along with all the expected catch phrases meant to entrap one and all into believing he was onto something and I wanted to share some with you.

Here are the untruths which can easily be verified...

He says the movie has new "Top Secret" evidence supporting extraterrestrial contact...

The problem:
No it most certainly does NOT have Top Secret information in it. If it had he would not have been able to write that without getting a knock on his door, getting shut down and subsequently tried for one or more violations of the US Espionage Act which covers willful or inadvertent exposure of classified material. Yes even though it says "espionage" if falls under that Act. He would never have been close to making a full movie with ordinary crew if it was a classified shoot. I know about these things. Steven Greer who procaims to have 'heads of state on speed dial' could dial anyone he wants but they wouldnt be able to get him out from under the spectres he would face if he violated that act...

The aforementioned top secret information will be presented via "witness testimony, classified documents, UFO Footage"...

The Problem:
Witness testimony is important in a UFO case but everyone knows that 10 people who witness an event will report it 10 different ways. That is an old adage but it is indeed often true. Further witness testimony for the public record would be fine if he didnt add the "classified documents" tidbit. Because if any of the supposed witnesses divulge the contents of real classified documents then they too would be subject to the penalties of the aforementioned Espionage Act. So I can only assume that the 'classified documents' are not at all classified anything. Further a FOIA request will NOT produce classified intel. if it would then Russian agents would have long ago submitted FOIAs to get all of our deepest darkest secrets.

Statement: "UFO Footage" will be provided

The Problem:
There is the tantalizing bit about "UFO Footage" that will be offered... Well I humbly submit that I may know just a little bit on the subject and that UFO footage is usually inconclusive... Does he have 'secret' footage shot out in the middle of nowhere where the aliens only show themselves to HIM? I suppose they too will be on the red carpet with him. Will he show the Vero Beach orange flares by chance? He said repeatedly in that ultra embarrassing video that his participants there should "welcome the aliens [flares] into your hearts" and then also said forcefully, "these are NOT flares" hoping that he could force a suspension of belief of the blatant and obvious flare exercise which was in fact confirmed to be going on coincidentally right there off Vero Beach out at sea at that time. But no,THOSE flares were actually aliens..... Go figure huh?

So just where are these 'revelations' coming from? Greer is infamous for stating he "briefed CIA Director James Woolsey" when in fact he did NOT do any such thing, and had simply met him at a dinner party where he cornered him as he was there with his family. Even after Woolsey sent him an official letter demanding he STOP saying he "briefed" anyone in the CIA he continued this false narrative.

Hey in 1979 I actually DID brief the CIA director, just him and me. I really did. Wow so I guess I must be plugged in right? Sounds impressive until you find out that it was part of my job as a HIGH SCHOOL INTERN for a Senator on a defense committee and no one in the intern pool wanted to drive out to Langley. We drew straws.

I lost.
Not so impressive now is it... ?

This is the issue I have with Greer. He takes a happenstance like meeting James Woolsey and conflates it into a 'briefing for the CIA'.

Seriously? We are to trust someone like this?

Back to his ad begging me to buy a movie ticket, reading further down you find out what is REALLY going on. Standard tickets are $30 for admission. But LA theaters charge at MOST $20.50 and that is for the 3D movies and 17.50 for regular movies... The 4DX movies are the high end state of the art and include a moving seat that responds to the motion on screen.. This is called a Motion Base to get the lingo down. Greer's movie is $2 more than THAT offering and I bet your seats wont move... Does this sound like someone who is getting the information out to you because disclosure is for everybody? Well apparently its only for those who have money to burn if you examine the cost of spending a night in the desert watching Greer try to convince you that those are aliens you are seeing and not perhaps bats going after insects. There is absolutely NO science behind him, no critical analysis allowed. No one gets to ask for confirmation of the events...

He claims in the ad that you should be part of the "history" by seeing his movie. What history will that be? The history of seeing him on the red carpet as he is bundled off in handcuffs for violating secrecy? Well for THAT privilege you will have to pay not $30 but ONE THOUSAND dollars to spend time with Steven Greer on the red carpet and then attend an afterparty where he is the guest of honor.... You heard right... He has elevated himself to celebrity and red carpet status. He even claims you will get to rub elbows with 'celebrities' as well as him. I think these are the same celebrities that in some cases actually believe the Earth is Flat. For a better seat in the theater you can pay not $50 but $250 for that privilege.

Greer is nothing more than a narcissistic showman in search of adulation in my view much like Stan Romanek was. Greer tasted the money that could be made and I suspect it guides him with everything he does. Unlike Romanek though Greer was far more successful with his scheme. I have often called him the L Ron Hubbard of UFOLOGY. I guess that is a sick compliment of sorts. Hubbard wrote science fiction and said famously that if you REALLY want to amass wealth create a religion, after which he did just that. The laughable result that followed was a "religion" called Scientology. Really I dont even know why I capitalized it as that seems to offer it some legitimacy. After all it proclaims that there are these evil beings that live in volcanoes you see...

Hubbard's fantasy thetans are not so different from Greer's except it seems that the evil beings live in your wallet and are green ... If you turn these evil green monsters over to Steven Greer you will achieve enLIGHTENment.. Emphasis on the word LIGHTEN... Oh and you will be privy to secrets that NO ONE else will EVER find out. Under penalty of lawsuit....

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