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Feb 21st, 2018, 7:07pm

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 sticky  Author  Topic: hollow earth may be real  (Read 4072 times)
xx Re: hollow earth may be real
« Reply #420 on: Jan 30th, 2013, 04:42am »


Could you expand a bit on how your post relates to the thread subject. I'm not sure what you mean by expanding Earth.
Or are you thinking about the documentary, which was shown last August ?


p.s. Not a good idea to put your Email address on any web site. Could lead to you getting harrassed the first time fall out with somebody .
Best remove it from your profile. smiley
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xx Re: hollow earth may be real
« Reply #421 on: Apr 5th, 2013, 12:06am »

If the Ancients, precise in their astronomical advice in ancient literature, proven to be scientific as an explanation detailed that holes/wells were placed inside the Earth, then obviously it was.

What would have been inside of the Earth, as the first Earth cell called the era of Atlantis. Crystal of course...massive crystal beds which were activated by the Sun blast back into liquid waves that disappeared.

This would leave as established by space photographs, massive empty beds, not created by water, but created by the inlay of crystal and its filial impressions as cavities.

Therefore inside of the Earth, the crystal cells would have also exploded and left holes embedded throughout the Earth body herself.

The pitted Earth was therefore the loss of huge crystal embedded cells.....just like Mars and why Mars lost a huge amount of its own stone face as the crystal released it in the Sun blast.

ATLANTIS=SATANLIT as the event that altered Earth's pre-existent higher life and civilization......where our psyche memory enables us to remember what happened.

As many psychics have stated Atlantis as the event activation happened off the American was never stating that Atlantis was a place, just that this was the point where Atlantis (crystal Earth) was lost in a pyramid technology.

This occurred millions of years ago, when the earth stone was caused to drift apart because her crystal beds were disintegrated.......leaving only the crystal rocks upon the Earth face not changed in the Earth herself.

At Giza a crystal used atop the pyramid would obviously have also been destroyed by the Sun attack they caused using sound harmonics and this would have caused sound itself to alter on Earth and in the atmosphere.

This would be the reason why earthquakes could be documented by them because the Astronomers knew that the stone beds of the Earth had been altered again allowing them to drift apart further.

This is why the Secret Astronomical Philosophy called the Christ is a word from tekton or tectonicus Earth Plates...that the Earth has been healing from this disaster/catastrophe that once again caused massive earthquakes and plate drift as predictions.
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xx Re: hollow earth may be real
« Reply #422 on: Apr 5th, 2013, 5:48pm »

If you can't confine your spiel to one thread, I'm going to call time out on you. It is almost as if you are going into every section on the forum and posting the same thing over and over in every one. How do you explain this as anything other than abusive trolling?

Addendum: I do find it mildly clever you called Christ a sap (Secret Astronomical Philosophy), but that doesn't negate that your devaluing the thread topics with your rubbish, regardless of your reasons.
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xx Re: hollow earth may be real
« Reply #423 on: Apr 12th, 2013, 01:46am »

All of your own theories are acquired from your own research of ancient literature and what they documented and kept as records.

You say science, yet it is theory.

I say theory because life was always destroyed by the pursuit of individuals who believed in theory...proving that human beings do not have the brain capability nor the scientific instruments to gather data that represents a creative is impossible because our thoughts are a product of the brain model.

Hence we think only because we have the ability to think....caused by the product of the chemistry through which we think. Our chemistry of thought is not the chemistry linked to creation, only to our own form.

Therefore you can theorize and alter the theory as many times as you like, because that is all Scientists achieve is a re-arrangement of the thought values written another way.....just like the process of randomness.

In other words, just like the Ancient who proposed that PHI was the only relationship that formed the randomness that might alter sequences but always returned to a creative function because it was given the opportunity to heal....why I said that sound naturally healed in the atmosphere when it was not touched because the ancients did not use nuclear power.

Therefore if you use PHI and alter the calculated theory of your own acquired literature/astronomical past values based on random thought functions, obviously some other human being can also give you a random thought function as a new theory and yet the information will still confer the same as the old theory.

This is why Scientific theory has never evolved. Yet when someone proposes a new theory, everyone gets excited, as if it suddenly proposes a new way of gaining energy.....yet all you do is actually remove the energy from the current technology that you have already created by using the PHI and random theory of the ancients...which is obvious.....using Uranium altered the random sequence.

Whilst it has been re-arranging its sequences to try to heal itself in began to do further experiments on the re-arrangements as if you finally have gained a new insight as a Science because your observations confirmed you had.

Yet this Science discovery was based on the already altered pattern that had already displaced the PHI random sequence of "falling back into its natural placement of order", which it now cannot because you altered the random fall.

Hence it is obvious that Scientists made a huge mistake...because they are only human also....not some super intelligent being that is greater than anyone else.

So when you try to imply that my version of information is less than a Scientists....I am only using an insightful thought process of ancient information the same as everyone else does....the same information that is always used....the same information discussed in a different review regarding the outcome and therefore my review will of course be the same outcome for all discussions because all discussions are relative to the outcome itself.

Meaning that Technology and its use....alters change sound you change the body of creation. Change the body of creation and naturally it will demonstrate that it was changed....why archaeology and space exploration of the Earth cell has shown her to have many holes in her.....that it involved the Sun and that life did exist on Earth as a human civilization that gave the information to further archaeological explanations when life returned to Earth after her decimation.

All of our insights come from ancient historical documentation, upon which any one of us has posed a theory and then developed that theory.
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