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Aug 18th, 2017, 10:26pm

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 1   Your own online space here at UFO Casebook / Re: Stuff and Nonsense Unleashed  on: Today at 8:47pm
Started by WingsofCrystal | Post by Nyx
It has been many years, but today I saw a pure black "woolly worm" or Pyrrharctia Isabella, or Isabella Tiger Moth.

When it is in the caterpillar form, it makes its own body antifreeze against the cold in the winter. This makes it possible to find the "woolly" in the Arctic.

When its color is blonde, the winter will be mild.

When its color is light brown, the winter will be normal.

When it has stripes, it will be a mixed winter.

But, when when its color is black, "all hell" will break loose in the coming winter.

So beware this winter.

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 2   TODAY'S OFF-TOPIC NEWS / Re: What music are you listening to now?  on: Today at 3:51pm
Started by Smersh | Post by Erno86
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 3   TODAY'S OFF-TOPIC NEWS / Re: What music are you listening to now?  on: Today at 3:44pm
Started by Smersh | Post by Erno86
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 4   TODAY'S OFF-TOPIC NEWS / Re: Honesty: Charlottesville, J A Fields + Pres of  on: Today at 2:56pm
Started by purr | Post by Erno86
on Today at 01:05am, purr wrote:
Erno86, I read through your selection of quotes several times. They beg the question: how does Trump, in your view, truly feel about the Charlottesville altercations and deadly terror attack by Fields?


White House chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon, argued that "Trump's pronouncements would rally his political base --- while also serving as a welcome distraction from the policy stumbles that have hobbled his administration." --- Even though Trump said today, that he's "getting rid of Bannon."

"Trump's new enthusiasm on statues stands apart from his views last year. On the campaign trail, Trump said he agreed with the decision in 2015 by then-South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley to remove a Confederate flag from the statehouse grounds following the mass shooting by Dylann Roof, a white supremacist who killed nine African Americans at a black church."

IMHO: Trump failed to offer moral leadership after Charlottesville.

"To date, Trump has used bigotry mainly as an electoral tool, to excite a relatively small group of supporters."

As for the deadly car terrorist attack in Charlottesville by Fields: I believe that Trump idolizes Fields as a hero, and he's {DJT} in favor of more car attacks against leftist protesters, in order to stifle protest by the left; and he's also wondering why too few leftist protesters were getting hit by cars.

"This year, Republican lawmakers in at least six states have proposed bills designed to protect drivers who strike protesters. The first bill was introduced in North Dakota in January, and similar bills have since come under consideration in North Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, Texas and Rhode Island.

They were joined by other states trying to discourage protests --- typically related to Black Lives Matter, the Dakota Access Pipeline or other left-leaning causes --- that sometimes obstruct traffic.

The North Dakota bill would shield drivers from civil and criminal liability. The bill's sponsor, state Rep. Keith Kempenich, perversely suggested that shielding drivers who kill protesters was a necessary anti-terrorism measure.

Protesters who blocked cars were committing 'an intentional act of intimidation --- the definition of terrorism,' he told the Los Angeles Times.

Right wing websites and at least one well-known conservative commentator more gleefully advocated running over protesters, including by sharing a viral video montage titled 'Here's a Reel of Cars Plowing Through Protesters Trying to Block the Road.' {Tank Man didn't make the cut, alas.}

In other words, the purpose of these proposals was to make acts of protest, and acts of protest alone, more lethal."

quotes: The Washington Post - Friday, August 17, 2017 - "Legalizing Vehicular Violence" - by Catherine Rampell

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 5   General UFO & Alien Board / Re: ?FOIA - Part 3  on: Today at 2:37pm
Started by travex | Post by Swamprat
As do 87.97645321896745231987654321246897531% of all sightings! Go ahead! LICK it! cool
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 6   Your own online space here at UFO Casebook / Re: Stuff and Nonsense Unleashed  on: Today at 1:25pm
Started by WingsofCrystal | Post by ZETAR
Charlottesville: black and white conflict in America

“Classic two-pronged Maoist tactic…. (a) shock troops on the ground causing violence and then (b) a sophisticated and coordinated…propaganda push by the parallel rogue state complex of Media, Academia, Hollywood and sold-out politicians. Historically huge. The Police standing down as the [third] element.”

“The violence puts the [television news] viewer in an altered state to receive the propaganda.”

Black vs. white. Nazis vs. liberals. Antifa vs. Alt-Right. Cut the dividing line any way you want to, factor in covert funding by people like George Soros, and you have a formula for escalating conflict between various sectors of society. Thus, driving more chaos.

Present the “sides” in the conflict as somehow representing the entire population of America. That’s the key.

This op is as old as the hills.

User Image

A clue: professional paid disruptors, and their duped allies, are hired to expand failure in inner cities and exclude workable solutions that benefit one and all.

Bottom line: there are always solutions that lift people up. Sidelining and canceling and distorting and misdirecting and betraying those solutions is the full-time job of operatives who have a hidden agenda. These operatives want failure. They want to use failure to blame some group(s) for the chronic problem—thus expanding unrest and anger and division.




That’s called mind control.

That’s called passivity.

That’s called surrender.

It’s staged over long periods of time.

Charlottesville Police Come Forward: We Were Told to “STAND DOWN” to Ignite Race War

A Charlottesville police officer has come forward to express his outrage at being told to “stand down” by the city mayor during violent clashes between protesters.

The officer also claims the protests, which pitched “white supremacists” against members of Antifa, were “set up” to allow for the groups to ignite into exactly what happened.

“We [Charlotesville police] were ordered to bring the rival groups together. As soon as they were in contact with each other, we were told to stand down. It was outrageous. We weren’t allowed to arrest anyone without asking the mayor first. We weren’t even allowed to stop the driver as he sped away.“

User Image

“The event was being set up as far back as at least May and it went like clockwork.”

User Image

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 7   General UFO & Alien Board / Re: ?FOIA - Part 3  on: Today at 12:22pm
Started by travex | Post by travex
on Yesterday at 4:56pm, Swamprat wrote:
We all march to different drummers.

User Image

Swamprat, MUFON informs me that your pic of what you sought was UFO has a rational explanation:

User Image

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 8   General UFO & Alien Board / Re: ?FOIA - Part 3  on: Today at 12:01pm
Started by travex | Post by travex
on Today at 03:18am, purr wrote:
Travex, with the utmost effort I am able to follow the line of reasoning in your post, but I don't see how it describes objective reality.

Well, it happens to be quite demanding case for an unprepared mind, and I questioned a couple of times my intention to go ahead and post it. But The Casebook Forum has an excellent text editor, and so I sort of save it there for myself.

As you mentioned the term "objective reality," it is miles away from the UFO research, because the subject belongs to the box labeled "Hypothesis." There has never been an objective reality near the topic of UFO. On the contrary - many UFO attendees call themselves "believers." That description and "objective reality" move in fact in opposite direction. That's another reason why my scribble is so... well, alien looking.

In my post, I used the term "very likely" to stay abreast with a level of confidence called "hypothesis." You will hardly succeed breaking the shell of objective reality on the two pillars of UFO interest, meaning the Kenneth Arnold sighting and the Roswell case. Those are data based just on witness(es) accounts - no photos - as much as the Iowa sighting of 1939 is.

Similar situation exists in the world of cosmology and particle physics. If the Standard Model falls short of explaining some principal questions, a different approach to the puzzle is considered.

But such an effort solely based on "numerology" will meet with criticism, as it happened. Some even argue that the theory plainly failed, mainly because it cannot be verified experimentally.

I'm positive that a mere reverence to the alleged UFO manifestation will not open the door to the objective reality that you've mentioned, and which is necessary to show to the world that the UFO is indeed what is now believed to be. For that to happen, you would need an active participation from the hypothetical ET's, but you won't very, very likely get it. After all these long years, there has been no single instance of UFO manifestation that would move things closer to the objective reality spot. Why would that be different in the future?

Speaking of which...

It is not easy at all to do the math, but the odds are broadly in favor of the conclusion that the ETs knew beforehand that Adolf Hitler would attack Poland on September 1, 1939, which has became an objective reality that even Hitler didn't know back July 1939 - the date of the attack wasn't firmly set yet. That gives the alleged ET's presence a rational purpose of being around, e.g. secretly informing someone here about significant events that are scheduled to take place in the future.
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 9   Your own online space here at UFO Casebook / Re: Stuff and Nonsense Unleashed  on: Today at 10:22am
Started by WingsofCrystal | Post by ZETAR

User Image

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 10   Space / Planets Found at Nearby tau Ceti  on: Today at 10:12am
Started by Swamprat | Post by Swamprat
Four Earth-sized planets detected orbiting the nearest sun-like star

Date: August 17, 2017
Source: University of California, Santa Cruz

User Image
This illustration compares the four planets detected around the nearby star tau Ceti (top) and the inner planets of our solar system (bottom). Credit: Illustration courtesy of Fabo Feng

A new study by an international team of astronomers reveals that four Earth-sized planets orbit the nearest sun-like star, tau Ceti, which is about 12 light years away and visible to the naked eye. These planets have masses as low as 1.7 Earth mass, making them among the smallest planets ever detected around nearby sun-like stars. Two of them are super-Earths located in the habitable zone of the star, meaning they could support liquid surface water.

The planets were detected by observing the wobbles in the movement of tau Ceti. This required techniques sensitive enough to detect variations in the movement of the star as small as 30 centimeters per second.

"We are now finally crossing a threshold where, through very sophisticated modeling of large combined data sets from multiple independent observers, we can disentangle the noise due to stellar surface activity from the very tiny signals generated by the gravitational tugs from Earth-sized orbiting planets," said coauthor Steven Vogt, professor of astronomy and astrophysics at UC Santa Cruz.

According to lead author Fabo Feng of the University of Hertfordshire, UK, the researchers are getting tantalizingly close to the 10-centimeter-per-second limit required for detecting Earth analogs. "Our detection of such weak wobbles is a milestone in the search for Earth analogs and the understanding of the Earth's habitability through comparison with these analogs," Feng said. "We have introduced new methods to remove the noise in the data in order to reveal the weak planetary signals."

The outer two planets around tau Ceti are likely to be candidate habitable worlds, although a massive debris disc around the star probably reduces their habitability due to intensive bombardment by asteroids and comets.

The same team also investigated tau Ceti four years ago in 2013, when coauthor Mikko Tuomi of the University of Hertfordshire led an effort in developing data analysis techniques and using the star as a benchmark case. "We came up with an ingenious way of telling the difference between signals caused by planets and those caused by star's activity. We realized that we could see how star's activity differed at different wavelengths and use that information to separate this activity from signals of planets," Tuomi said.

The researchers painstakingly improved the sensitivity of their techniques and were able to rule out two of the signals the team had identified in 2013 as planets. "But no matter how we look at the star, there seem to be at least four rocky planets orbiting it," Tuomi said. "We are slowly learning to tell the difference between wobbles caused by planets and those caused by stellar active surface. This enabled us to essentially verify the existence of the two outer, potentially habitable planets in the system."

Sun-like stars are thought to be the best targets in the search for habitable Earth-like planets due to their similarity to the sun. Unlike more common smaller stars, such as the red dwarf stars Proxima Centauri and Trappist-1, they are not so faint that planets would be tidally locked, showing the same side to the star at all times. Tau Ceti is very similar to the sun in its size and brightness, and both stars host multi-planet systems.

The data were obtained by using the HARPS spectrograph (European Southern Observatory, Chile) and Keck-HIRES (W. M. Keck Observatory, Mauna Kea, Hawaii).

A paper on the new findings was accepted for publication in the Astronomical Journaland is available online. In addition to Vogt, Feng, and Tuomi, coauthors include Hugh Jones of the University of Hertfordshire, UK; John Barnes of the Open University, UK; Guillem Anglada-Escude of Queen Mary University of London; and Paul Butler of the Carnegie Institute of Washington.
Story Source:
Materials provided by University of California, Santa Cruz. Original written by Tim Stephens. Note: Content may be edited for style and length.
Journal Reference:
1. Fabo Feng, Mikko Tuomi, Hugh R.A. Jones, John Barnes, Guillem Anglada-Escude, Steven S. Vogt, R. Paul Butler. Color difference makes a difference: four planet candidates around tau Ceti. Astronomical Journal, 2017

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