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Feb 24th, 2018, 3:41pm

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 thread  Author  Topic: Alien abduction a science  (Read 469 times)
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xx Alien abduction a science
« Thread started on: Mar 14th, 2016, 11:03pm »

The UFO signals a held nuclear constant.

Our atmosphere a natural cooling amassing radiated body.

Science and conversion change our atmospheric body and we were irradiated.

Science took the energy body out of out atmosphere and created fuel with it.

A fixed state held constant signal caused by the nuclear power plants forms the creation of a wavelength to interact at the ground state with the power plants to allow for conversion of holy nuclear dust...plutonium products.

Natural life lives at the ground state....UFO comes to ground state...interacts with water in and out of up water.

Human and animal life a large percentage of water.

Ancient science stone levitation, an unnatural signal interacting with stone ground fusion to irradiate life to cause signal for lifting stone.

Modern science of converting for nuclear fuel, does not use the same signal for levitating stone.

Instead the UFO signal photographed levitating cows, causes atmospheric ground suck up.

Cows/humans/animals get sucked up into atmospheric UFO signal. If signal holding water, body does not get converted or attacked/mutated in irradiating signal. Mutated alien human looking attack/conversion of the UFO signal/body and a converting outcome of the human cell condition.

Does UFO interaction/signal convert the nature of organic life and cell? Yes evidence states it does.

1. causes unnatural metallic implants beneath the skin, the human in mind imagery gains the information of being converted. The human psyche that only exists as informed states of realization review the situation as being operated on....without actually being in an operation. The human psyche can only use personal symbolism to describe the interaction without scientific information or data.

2. the human blood/cell condition belongs to iron, iron bonds and iron wavelengths/sine (sound). New irradiating light sound interacts with DNA causing it convert, very painful interaction.

3. why blood leeches from the human cell...being converted by wavelength of the UFO nuclear orbital interacting at the ground level.

4. UFO seen at ground level...seen lifting off and also returning.

5. radiation or irradiation forms new signals in atmosphere as a caused reaction, only caused by science itself converting nuclear products.

6. review atmosphere with jiggling radiation black signals in the blue of the atmospheric body.

7. Christ attack uses symbolic radiation signals to depict ancient life and cell attack/spiritual changes knives/swords/axes etc. as their scientific data.

Human brain/mind interaction would consider irradiating signals in UFO held constant to be a new language or an alien language.....radiation signals themselves forming the UFO body.

Condition of the UFO interaction states, can suck up human body into UFO......UFO can move with human body inside of the manifested signal. Signal can be metallic, as Earth is bonded in stone by metal ions....the radiation from out of space a higher ionic atmospheric interaction.

UFO can change metal.....causes cars to be lifted by metal change.

Earth's magnetic field shifted since nuclear orbital atmospheric constant held.

Human and animals therefore can be attacked by the wavelength, the cell life and cell interaction within the energy change converted and mutated and even destroyed.

Life can be lifted into the UFO signal, and returned in all different states of the experience the UFO signals are all different.

UFO....a released atomic nuclear stone signal for nuclear fusion.

Uranium and plutonium fused once supported the natural life and natural chemical wavelength interaction of cellular life and life continuance.

Science took the wavelength and converted it....the wavelength now attacks life, as the evidence demonstrates.

UFO atomic nuclear orbital signals also released from Sun and other Planets.

The reason why animal bones from Earth demonstrate to be left on Mars by a returned nuclear MARS signal after it interacted with Earth life.

UFO, is an attack on life from out of space....nuclear signals of planets/sun, besides the ground state release of Earth's own nuclear signals....SION or bonds.

Alien....a manifested spiritual presence formed in holding the nuclear constant....why the ancients depicted a presence inside of a UFO coming to attack Earth.

Alien or ET described by our spiritual psyche as an artificial intelligence, created by artificial chemicals that do not belong to Earth.....ET/ALIEN therefore disappears when chemical signal changes/converts.

Earth's terrestrial...the ground state natural. ET a realization of causing extra interactions in the terrestrial altering the terrestrial magnetism itself.

Ancient symbolism review of terrestrial magnetism = H
H - I
I = yodh or hand of God in Hebrew literature.

Light relates to the condition of the atmosphere supporting or destroying our life.
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xx Re: Alien abduction a science
« Reply #1 on: Mar 15th, 2016, 3:08pm »

Do I need to take notes.....and is there going to be a test later?

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