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Police marijuana cam shows Bigfoot's arm
Post by Nyx on Sep 5th, 2016, 10:15am

In Sequoia National Forest in northern California, Bigfoot takes police cam and covers it with leaves.

This is probably a hoax because it is only 10 seconds of video, and we do not know which police department.


Re: Police marijuana cam shows Bigfoot's arm
Post by Mythos on Sep 17th, 2016, 2:03pm

Sequoia National Park is actually in Central California, 100's of miles from Northern California, link:

Um, it's fake because it is only 10 seconds? huh? So it would be real if it was 20 seconds? The average Bigfoot sighting lasts about 4 to 5 seconds.

You see the person who posted the video (Wes Germer), he is popular in the Bigfoot community and it might make sense to some people that a police officer who is interested in Bigfoot, funnels the video to Wes to release, instead of doing it himself and risk the backlash from his department and those that know him.

While I agree that it could be fake, but it could also very well be real and I don't see how the time length plays into it unless you are expecting a 30 minute National Geographic special.

Bigfoot have been reported to avoid, damage and or remove trail cams in many, many reports.

Re: Police marijuana cam shows Bigfoot's arm
Post by Nyx on Sep 18th, 2016, 2:19pm

As you pointed out, Mythos, Bigfoot seem super smart, almost "mystical".
Re: Police marijuana cam shows Bigfoot's arm
Post by dave54 on Sep 19th, 2016, 4:34pm

The only report is found in a UK tabloid, one not known for journalistic integrity. If the camera was in Sequoia National Forest (not Sequoia National Park which is adjacent), the camera would have been placed there by US Forest Service Law Enforcement Officers suspecting a nearby marijuana garden. More likely it was placed by biologists monitoring wildlife, not some local city police department. The Forest Service has nothing about this on any of their web sites. The location as previously noted is several hundred miles distant and a different mountain range from the traditional bigfoot hotspot in the north coast region of California. There have been a few unreliable sightings in this area, but is not the usual spot.

The few details reported have too many holes and inconsistencies. I am placing this one in the doubtful category until more information is available.
Re: Police marijuana cam shows Bigfoot's arm
Post by Mythos on Sep 20th, 2016, 9:00pm

I hear ya Dave, personally I hate Bigfoot videos, they are always too sketchy to judge, it does not men 100% are fake, but if even 50% are, then I do not want to be swayed by them, I actually put more credence in properly conducted interviews!