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Jan 24th, 2018, 02:01am

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xx Regina Sask. Aug 14-NOW
« Thread started on: Aug 19th, 2011, 4:26pm »

Location: Regina Saskatchewan Canada
Number of "beings": Countless amounts
Number of witnesses: 2

it all started aug 14th. 2011. me and a friend were sitting there watching the stars, we noticed them move from one end of the sky to right over top of it, then forming a triangular position. shooting stars going by, and stars being born. we watched from about 12-4:30am and then we had this complete understanding, we felt as if whatever happened, wanted us to go somewhere where nobody could see.

August 15th- We walked out on this path talking about what they could want, we felt like THIS was the path that they wanted us to go down, recon it leads out to nowhere but open praries. Well "they" were out again, and we kept walked, just out of the city now and nothing in sight but to the right of us, the refinery, and the city dump. We get to this ridge and as we get on top of it, everything comes to life. Theres a line of lights along the horizon. rows of 3, and 2 sets of them. We see a few UFOs hovering around up and down the city and over the it a night.

August 16th- we go back out and this time theres about 6 sets of 3 lights, about twice as close, and this time their in triangular position, no longer in the horizon but in the field. We notice by the moon theres a bright white light, 2 stars move towards it making it form a triangle, the triangle points directly at the dump (keep this in mind) over the night we see a star come down and hover about 50 feet over one of the triangles in the field (this time forming a pyramid) UFOs start to go from stars in the sky to planes that hover over the dump, shoot up move to another place in the sky and turn into stars again...its sunrise now and 2 747 boeing jets litterally just collided and went right through eachother...

August 17th- the dump is on fire....the triangle by the moon is no longer pointed towards the dump, but now at the refinery...I want to say everything else, but I just cant, they dont want me to tell people. its august 19th now, and I still see them, every single night. I feel as if theyve abducted me and taught me all of the answers to life. they sit out in this field and move in circles. theres nothing more to say, somethings going to happen...they ARE the answer to life...and if you truly understand life...your not meant for this place...
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