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Ottawa sighting in 2014 - Want help
Post by hodgns on Oct 26th, 2016, 1:19pm

sometime in fall 2014, me, my father, a dog walker who lives in our neighbourhood, and some joggers witnessed a ufo. both my father and i had completely forgotten until i dreamed about it last night, and called him to ask him if he remembered.

i can't find any online reports of anyone else seeing this ufo, and i was wondering if the m.o. corresponded with any more well-reported sightings. i would really appreciate any opinions at all on what happened

so, for those of you who don't live in ottawa, in the middle of the city, there is a large farm called the "central experimental farm". the government uses this farm to research gmos, both plant and animal. (they have stuff goats which lactate spider silk, which i think is pretty sick). i live in one of the surrounding neighbourhoods

my dad and i were walking home through the farm, in the fall. it was evening, and both the sun and moon were visible on the horizons. the farm had already been harvested for the year, except the field which was lying fallow in 2014, which was overgrown with weeds/bushes/whatever

on this map, we were somewhere in the field between mccooey lane and kingston avenue
we were walking north east towards kingston avenue, when we heard an overwhelmingly loud buzzing sound. it sounded like it was coming from everywhere at once, but my dad and i both turned to the west. there, above the fallow field, was a giant (at least 4x bigger than the sun was on the horizon, which i could also see), orange, slightly flattened sphere. it was bright, it emitted light, but it wasn't nearly as bright as the sun. and it was much, much lower. it was still above the height of the nearby apartment buildings (which i'd estimate at 12 storeys), but not by much. it looked smooth, around the edges, and was the colour of an egg yolk. the sunset was turned pink-orange by its light. it was just hovering there, no movement, not affected by the wind or anything, buzzing.

this lasted probably 90 seconds, at most. my dad, the dog walker and i were completely stunned, all just standing staring at it. the other people i know were around were not in my field of view, so i dont know how they reacted. at around 90 seconds, it dissapeared, and the sound stopped with a short echo.

i remember laughing hysterically, and my dad talking to the dog walker, but what happened after then, i have no idea. honestly, though i believe in the paranormal, i wouldnt have usually believed myself, but everyone around there saw it too. and after it happened, i almost felt like i couldnt talk about it, even to my dad that was there too, no matter how much i wanted to. i cant explain it, at all. i had repressed the memory until last night, when it came up in my dreams- about two years after it happened, to the month. i regret not taking a photo at the time, or a video, but i couldnt. nobody moved. people talked, i remember saying something like "i cant believe this is happening", but nobody moved or went for their cellphones.

again, i was wondering if anyone has ever heard of a ufo with a similar appearance/behaviour, or any other theories on its nature, i would be very appreciative. i can also do my best to answer any questions you may have
Re: Ottawa sighting in 2014 - Want help
Post by Swamprat on Oct 26th, 2016, 9:18pm

Hey, Hodgns! This is what I was able to find:

UFO Sighting in Ottawa, Ontario on September 28, 2014

Sighting Basics

Case Number 68050

Date of the Sighting 2014-09-28 21:30
Date Submitted 2015-07-13 00:48 (Reported 287 Days Later)
Time Zone America/New York
Source MUFON
Summary Blurry orange-red glowing hovering light viewed while driving on highway
Tags light hovering

Sighting Location
City Ottawa
Region Ontario
Coutntry Canada
Latitude 45.43011
Longitude -75.69433
The latitude and longitude presented here is an approximation to protect the reporters identity

Sighting Photos, Videos and Media
No photos, videos or other media provided.

Sighting Specifics
Viewing Distance Unknown
Alititude 500 Feet or Less
Object Features Unknown
Object Flight Path Stationary
Object Shape Cylinder

Weather Details
Sorry, weather details are unavailable for this event.

Sighting Statistics
There have been 1658 other sightings in Ontario
There have been 130 other sightings in Ottawa
There have been 144 other sightings near Ottawa
There were no other sightings in or near Ottawa on 2014-09-28

Sighting Details
Boyfriend and I were driving on highway heading out of Ottawa toward the west and we both saw, clearly, a dark orange--toward red--glowing light, presumably an object of some kind, emitting a strange, blurry-edged light. My boyfriend saw it first and said, "what is thathuh" We both craned our eyes and looked at it carefully as we drove past it in the sky. Its edges looked blurry and indistinct, but the object was clearly visible. It was hovering in the sky, as if it was a street light in the fog, but there was no fog. and it was not a streetlight. It was shaped like a large take-out coffee mug, so not a cone or cylinder, but somewhat in-between. As we were on the highway, we had to keep driving. We both felt surprisingly nonplussed, as though that was a perfectly normal thing to see. It seemed close, but it was hard to tell. From where we could see it, it seemed like it was not very high up, but was not very large. The strangest thing about it, to me, was the blurry edges. It was nothing like what I have ever seen before.


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Re: Ottawa sighting in 2014 - Want help
Post by hodgns on Oct 26th, 2016, 11:31pm

hey swamprat,
thank you so much for this reply- sorry, i'm really not involved in this community at all and i wasn't sure what sites to look at, but this one is super super informative. while i don't think that was the same exact sighting i had (the highway is too far from where i was to make sense) it would have been around the same time of year (but not same time of day). thank you so much for your help. i'm going to look into this more
Re: Ottawa sighting in 2014 - Want help
Post by Swamprat on Oct 27th, 2016, 09:42am

You are most welcome! Good luck on your search!