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Feb 25th, 2018, 07:37am

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 thread  Author  Topic: 1983 in Pa near Maryland  (Read 979 times)
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xx 1983 in Pa near Maryland
« Thread started on: Jun 6th, 2013, 2:26pm »

I had watched Ancient Aliens TV show that deal with Nazis and the Kecksburg incident.

In December of 1983 after serving in Beirut in the Marines, I return home to Maryland for leave. Prior to enlisting in the Marines I had worked Md Manufacture known then as Sweetheart Cup in Reisterstown Md. Individuals I had been friends with and who still worked at Sweetheart Cup had contacted me about getting together. They did not like going to bars but preferred to buy cases of beers then go into the woods and drink that beer.

So I agreed we met up purchased our beer then we drove to met some others friends. The other individuals knew of a place that we could access from a side road were we could park our cars out of sight but would not require 4 wheel drive.

After drinking for an hour or so and it had become dark out. WE all heard a crash or a loud noise. But I saw nothing. I only heard the noise. At some point we started to notice a fire in the woods some distance away. Around that time two very attractive women were walking towards our group.

I remember the blonde woman who appeared to be about 30 ( I was 23 at the time). I remember her speaking with a German accent. I remember her asking un-usual questions like the date. And asking about WW2 and referring to it by a different name/term. Around the time we heard the police, the blonde woman sat next to me and put her arm around me. Her other dark hair freind sat next to my freind.

The first Policeman was PA Trooper he noticed my haircut and my Marine bumper sticker and told us to get out there or he would arrest us all. With in second of that dark hair woman started slapping my freind and was extremely upset with his behavior.

The blonde woman said she needed a ride but I would have to leave my friends behind. I did not realize that we were in PA and I could not leave my friends without a ride or a means to get home.

Whenever I watch AA it reminds me own personal experience in Dec 1983.
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xx Re: 1983 in Pa near Maryland
« Reply #1 on: Jun 6th, 2013, 2:47pm »

Very strange story. Do you remember any other details?
- Was the dark haired girl speaking with an accent that you remember?
- How were they dressed? Unusually?
- When you told the blonde that you couldn't give her a ride home without the others, what happened then? Did she and her friend just walk away?
- Did the cops threaten arrest because you were drinking on public lands? or because you were on public lands after dark?
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xx Re: 1983 in Pa near Maryland
« Reply #2 on: Jun 6th, 2013, 2:55pm »

I doubt this is the case, and Im not judging your experience, but Hitler created some kind of secret society called Vril(it existed before, but it had another name if I remember correctly) and itīs leader was a long haired blond woman called Maria Orsic. She leaded a group of long haired women, and they belived their hair worked like some sort of Antenae to communicate with aliens. They seemed to master some sort of energy control, called Vril (thatīs why their group received this name) and according to them, it was some sort of anti-gravity force or something like that.

I donīt recall the precise year, I would say it was early 1930īs I suppose, but they reported a contact with aliens from the Aldebaran star system. It seems the beings from Aldebaran tought them how to manufacture Flying Saucers. Well, they needed some proof right? This could be just the case, because they drew and wrote precise instructions on how to do that!

Itīs a weird story, I have seen it in a book my twin brother brought me when he was graduating in history at a local university. It was like 3 or even 4 years ago. If I remember correctly, it was written by Jan Van Helsing. It was written in German, and I cannot read it very well, I know only a few words in German, but I could see something mentioned about this there.

If my memory is correct, they tested manufacturing the saucers. It required some kind of odd energy or something to make it work. I donīt remember any mentioning of their sucessfulness, but I do recall some claims that after WW2, the Vril society disappeared. Their whereabouts are still unknown. I saw some rumours that maybe they suceeded at building a saucer, and used it to flee to Aldebaran. Hard to believe huh? Some said they seeked for refuge at the North Pole( I think this one was stated by people that believed in the Nazi secret tunnels conspiracy).

Im not saying that you saw them, but Im not saying the opposite as well!

I remember I watched a History channelīs show about this particular subject in Ancient Aliens as well. Itīs a hell of a mistery, thatīs for sure.

Have you seen some sort of craft at the woods?

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