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Mar 23rd, 2018, 07:57am

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xx Crop Circles nuclear constant
« Thread started on: Mar 14th, 2016, 11:19pm »

Science is occultism, the history of science is occultism itself, the conversion of nuclear holy dust.

RA the ancient use of uranium...holy dust.

Atomic conversions experiments began in the late 1800s, early 1900s results Russian Forest flattened by blast.

CROP CIRCLES....PHI radiated signals....flatten crop matter.

Nuclear science owned by occultist organizations, owner of information and civilization status itself, the elite.

Knew that they changed the atmospheric body due to UFO manifestation and fall out....began to study the effects.

Lied to public about results, and paid individuals to come up with disinformed status for public. Public informed that human beings with flattening devices can also create signals....done to try to persuade public that science was not causing conversion....ground attacks.

Ancient review SEALS or ANGELIC SEALS broken, that begin to attack/convert nature.

New science discovers crop/plant conversion can be used for fuel. Can only use for fuel because chemicals of nature already converted. Know that crop life attacked then caused new research to create a new crop of genetically modified grain, just in case they had destroyed Nature.

Angelic seals, light radiated light sound previously attacking Earth that had cooled. Science of the nuclear removed cooled radiation signals, signals then began to attack ground life.

Ancient spiritual attack reviews data.....wood/air/fire/water/metal part of their own use of nuclear dust converting science...occultist practice. Knew that the signal attacked wood and murdered the life of the human spirit through the ALPHA wavelength...heavenly atmospheric body interacting with the human spirit.

Data already known, observed, data recorded for evidence.

Occultists already knew that it attacked life....and continued to do nuclear dust conversion anyway.

Occultists, owner of the civilization status and the elite.

Ancient description of crop circles was the devil mowing.

Since when is the devil a holy spirit?

Crop circles definetly a cause of the UFO signal manifestation.

UFO = nuclear held fixed state constant...interacting nuclear orbital sounds in a condition to form a ground wavelength allowing for conversion.

Human and natural life also converted in the same signal.
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