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Mar 17th, 2018, 3:19pm

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xx Looking back...
« Thread started on: Jun 12th, 2017, 08:45am »

Even after nearly a year, the purpose of the resemblance between the Stonehenge crop circle of July 8, 2016 and the Islamic symbol already mentioned by Sys_Config remains unexplained. I mean, what in the world got Islam to do with a site whose history passes Islam and reaches deep into the neolithic era?

To find the answer, one must go through the palette of options made of state flags that feature a star and crescent. There are at least thirteen such flags and the circle makers asked to pick one. Choose wisely...

But if I pick the flag of Turkey,
User Image
how would I know that my choice was right or wrong?

Well, as always, you find the correct answer on the front page of a newspaper shortly thereafter.

Wow! Do I get a cosmic banana for that?

Note, however, that the star in the crop circle design is not a five-pointed star, but seven-pointed one. That's because that number tells you when the correct answer becomes available. In this case the coup d'etat in Turkey took place exactly seven days after the Stonehenge crop circle had been reported.

And that's why the Islamic symbol of a crescent and star appeared by the ancient site of Stonehenge; it is because Stonehenge has a older brother named Gobekli Tepe who lives in Turkey.

But there is another, much harder question coming: How did the hoaxers know that there would be a news-making military coup d'etat in Turkey after seven days when even the best government analysts didn't see that coming?

Actually it is not that hard: the hoaxers are simply much smarter guys then all senior analysts working for CIA and NSA combined.


Well, wasn't that crop circle by Stonehenge sufficient evidence of that?

What do you think? huh
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