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Looking farther back...
Post by travex on Jun 13th, 2017, 2:45pm



There is one and important feature in the above design that dates way back to 1988, namely the feature of intersecting components. If a group of college graduates were asked to provide a two-word description of what they see inside the ring, there would be two kind of answers:

1) star, crescent
2) crescent, star

The (1) choice would probably make majority in the answers, because the star is the larger one of the two symbols and we usually decide that way. But as you see, that criterion of choice is not what organizes those two words. Consider (2): It is clear from the photo that the crescent is partly covered by the star. That arrangement creates an impression of the crescent being laid down first with the star being placed later on top.

Why did the circle makers use this type of arrangement? It could go the other way as well: first comes the star and then the crescent is placed on top of it.

Well, that wouldn't work as far as the extraction of the future date 15/7 is concerned.

Please follow the construction: First came the crescent - a whole object with number one attached to it. Then came the star that "cut" the crescent into five pieces. That two-step sequence of events creates number onefive or 15 --> fifteen. So if the crescent is now made of five segments through the cutting/dividing implication, how many components is the star made of?

It is a seven-pointed star, so the number of "components" is 7. And that's how the date 15/7 was sequentially constructed.

(Crescent --> Star) => 15/7 or 15 July

That encoded future date corresponds with a future event.

"On 15 July 2016, an alleged coup d'état was attempted in Turkey against state institutions, including, but not limited to the government and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan."

Please pay attention to the seven plants-up segments appearing within the star. In case they were omitted, the number assigned to the star could be easily just 1, because we would see one star with no indication to use a closer description "seven-pointed star." In that case the sequential count would change:

(Crescent --> Star) => A or B?
A=15 1 (apart)
B=151 (together)

Choice B=151 (the star lies on top of the crescent, therefore both items are not apart) takes us as an important reminder back to 1996 - again to the vicinity of Stonehenge.


"This Julia Set Fractal appeared as a sensational crop circle, opposite Stonehenge on 7th July 1996. It contained 151 circles..."

Choice B is an implied reference made to the 20th anniversary of the appearance of the extraordinary crop circle whose purpose was completely misunderstood - namely the issue of Whole versus Part and What versus When.

Re: Looking farther back...
Post by MOKSHA on Jun 13th, 2017, 5:58pm

I like your interpretation of your conclusion.
but the numbers do not lie,
people lie.

Since you seem serious about this, and you are,
travex, which matches
H.E. # 630
among other words,
I will entertain this "GREAT WORK"
THANK YOU 4 yours.


Have you considered it could be,

Maybe just

Or just


Maybe #4

I don't even want to talk about #5,
but I do suspect you might be under 44 years old,
if so
cos i do believe you are on to sumtin

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