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Feb 20th, 2018, 03:56am

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xx A Letter to President Trump
« Thread started on: Dec 26th, 2017, 08:16am »

Dear Mr. President

A mirror-touch synesthete reaches out with empathy.
Posted Dec 25, 2017

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Source: Photo by Hilton Flores

Dear Mr. President,

I remember all those years ago when you shared memories with me of boyhood trips to Staten Island by Brooklyn ferry with your late father, the real estate developer, Fred, may he rest in peace.

You would travel to Richmond County, where I still live on Ward Hill, and the waves seemed so enormous lapping against the sides of the boat. It was frightening at the time, you implied, and formative. It is part of what made you strong as you followed your father around to the many properties here. His German roots, much like those of my own German family members, would make you a journeyman, as was common practice in Europe, and was a tough love approach to child-rearing. You were, of course, the original apprentice.

I responded that the waves are due to the bottleneck of the Narrows waterway as the Hudson and East Rivers make their ways through that tight channel out to the Atlantic Ocean.

I know that made an impression on you because you repeated your story and my response to it in a speech you invited me to watch for children at a public school here. What a memorable day that was and if anyone at the school could provide the videotape of that inspiring talk you gave – I’ve asked but no one has found it yet – your detractors would know the very different side of you that I do. This is not to say that some of your critics don’t have a point and this is not an apologia. It is just to say truth is far more complicated than most people can wrap their heads around. This two party system and the dualism of good versus evil (as if there’s no in-between or as if they cannot coexist) which we have not evolved past yet is awfully divisive.

During that special speech, you told the children not to drink or smoke, like you, and advised that if they ever found themselves at a party to just quietly put a splash of cranberry juice over ice so that it would look like a mixed drink and no one would realize they were practicing sobriety. You boldly called government “the opposite of business” even as all of the assemblymen of this district were introduced to the kids as well. And when one little boy asked if you would like to be president one day, you responded, very prophetically I note, that you thought that as many people as would like that, just as many wouldn’t. Indeed.

And so here we are in 2017. And the waves are lapping at the sides of the great ship we call America and you are the captain now.

Some of my colleagues here at Psychology Today as well as other publications have attempted psychoanalyzing our very complicated and intelligent POTUS, who doesn’t always act the way I remember him – paternal and protective of me – even warning a fiancé that if he ever heard anything about him he’d have Trump to answer to. My experience was vastly different than some of the women who accuse you of things now and while I feel terrible for anyone who's actually experienced harassment or worse (#metoo), you have only ever treated me with respect.

I see the stress on your face sometimes. If I had to deal with doomsday evangelicals, the Deep State, security threats, and half the things you do, I’d be grumpy, too. I’ve brushed up against some of that nonsense as a journalist and it’s not a walk in the park. I also worry you’re a little sleep deprived, up tweeting the weight of the world into the internet at 3 a.m.

I don’t have the academic credentials of some of the armchair psychoanalysts, but then they’ve never spent time with you in the outer boroughs or your office in Manhattan, as I’ve been privileged to do, and seem to base their diagnoses on sound bites. I think my hours of personal observation are more empirical. Also, as someone who's been “crazy” herself during a Kundalini awakening and spiritual emergency while surrounded by unenlightened materialists, I wonder what it is you are experiencing during some outbursts which seem aberrant to your personality. (And between us, some psychiatry, to speak plainly and in our native New York vernacular as a woman from Staten Island to a man from Queens, is a real crock. And so is The Church of Scientology for that matter – I was very happy to read you’re trying to shut it down in that real news outlet The National Enquirer.)

I see your presidency as not only monumental but also like a national Rorschach test. Everyone sees something different in you, good or bad. I see you as a change agent of the highest order. Sometimes you are good, sometimes you are bad – but like all of us, ultimately, human. However in your provocative manner, you are opening a portal to prosperity as markets surge and narrow bottlenecks of a different sort open up.

And there has been, at last, UFO/UAP disclosure. As an experiencer of that high strangeness since the age of nine and lots of other phenomena as well, you have liberated me and many like me. Thank you, Mr. President. That also must have made Hillary Clinton very happy as she promised to try to do that herself during the campaign. She's a lovely woman, too, neither all-good nor all-bad — and what a life of service. I've had the honor of interviewing her on Staten Island, too. I hope you two patch things up for the sake of the country. It would probably make your daughters, old friends Chelsea and Ivanka happy, too.

I have mirror-touch synesthesia (MTS) – a type of profound empathy and sightedness — and physically feel the wrenching pain of this nation in my stomach sometimes. I don’t belong to a political party and just vote my conscience. Conscience is what compelled me to write you this Christmas and wish you and our nation well.

After that contentious campaign season, I saw something hopeful as you took the stage to accept your win. As you walked from stage right to the podium there were tears in your eyes. It was then I realized that the man I knew even as a cub reporter was an historic figure, was having a sincere moment. And what are tears but the brine of the womb and the ocean before it?

I believe in American exceptionalism and that we are the “shining city on the hill” of prophesy. And I believe in the end, there is only love; a higher love the Greeks called “agape.”

I wish it for you and all the decision makers and every person in this beautiful world this holiday season. And may the better angel of all our natures prevail as we usher in an era of peace, prosperity, security and consciousness-raising for all of humanity.

Yours in the ourobouros and the outer boroughs,


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xx Re: A Letter to President Trump
« Reply #1 on: Dec 31st, 2017, 7:42pm »

Wow, that's deep Swamprat, thanks for adding...

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Let us be sure that those who come after will say of us in our time, that in our time we did everything that could be done. We finished the race; we kept them free; we kept the faith.

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