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Feb 23rd, 2018, 4:03pm

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xx UFO Dream
« Thread started on: Apr 6th, 2016, 2:58pm »

A few years ago, I had a very strange dream about bright lights in the sky. To this day, I don't know if this is a suppressed memory, but I do know that dreams are the gateway to our subconsciousness. The setting was Scottsdale, Arizona, and it was daylight. My family and I were in the car proceeding to leave the resort we were staying at. I was sitting in the backseat on the drivers side, looking out the window. As we drove down the hill to where the resort entrance meets the main road, I saw in the distance several white lights moving in formation alongside a butte. To best describe the lights motion, I remember them swaying back and forth in unison, similar to how a school of fish move underwater. I know I am the only one who witnessed this since I've only just recently spoke to my family about it. What's even stranger is that as I was watching this happen, I remained completely silent, as if in a trance state. That's all I remember of the event, and I haven't pursued any vices to uncover if there's anything more to it. I do know that many individuals experiencing alien/UFO phenomenon report having dreams of such matters, and I often wonder if there's a connection between that and what I experienced. I've also experienced prophetic dreaming, meaning I'll witness something in a dream, and then sometime in the future the event will happen, followed by a feeling of deja vu. I'd like to share this with all those who have had similar experiences. Perhaps with our sharing, we could better understand what's happening.
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