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Mar 19th, 2018, 7:05pm

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 thread  Author  Topic: UPdated! Drone Questions for LMH Whitley Noory  (Read 6266 times)
xx UPdated! Drone Questions for LMH Whitley Noory
« Thread started on: Apr 17th, 2009, 6:50pm »

Linda Howe of Earthfiles, George Noory, and Whitley Strieber is scheduled to speak Several UFO conference This Year like the last one . announced here at There another in May.
Heres the next one only 100 per person!!!
The 7th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference is happening November 6th, 7th, and 8th (2009) at the Tuscany Suites Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.
1:30 – 2:30 PM The CARET Detectives: An Investigational Report[...] Dont miss another opportuityt...get a few peple to sponsor one person..then pepper away..!!

As you know she has been quite silent on the matter, and only she can help tie up the loose ends in the case.
If you can think of questions please post them here, and those people attending can ask her while being on the same page too.

These are to date :

1. Will she release ,unretouched and uncropped ,the eleven high resolution (11) hard copy photos aka Ty photos in her possession for public review, and if not, what is the reason for not doing so?

2.How does she believe these photos were created, in the light
of all the findings and presentations/

3. Have there been further communications with/from any of the
witnesses Chad, Isaac, etc given Isaacs June 27answers from
public posted a month later in July, which would imply there
more conversations in between.

4.What independent research has she conducted in this area
and What are the results. Will she release the finding for independent verification.

5. Several well known Ufology people had warned her in Email in
June 2007 that this was a very likely disinfo operation that
could have detrimental effects, as in the Rick Doty affair.
Knowing this, she went ahead much to the possible detriment
of herself and others. a quick analysis of the fotos would have
indicated this obviously coordinated affair. A quick rebuff of the
matter, could have benefitted her and deterred future attempts
against her and other well placed figures.. And,,gotten much
sympathy and proof to show, the dangers faced in advocating
Why did she continue despite the advice, and even cummulative
findings right here at OMF, and recently even at DRT and peers?

6. Did she have anything in her possession at the time or now
believe it was 100 percent factual?

7. Did she have any hand in the selection and or hiring of the
PIs ?
8. Did she or does she have any information available that that
can help them, like ips, real names correspondences with
witnesses that were supposed to number many, such as
Chad and Isaac. and Ty?

9. What is her opinion about the Drones (today) and does she
believe Isaac was a real informant with real documentation.
10. How would she handle the same scenario again?

11. Did Sylvia browne ever mention any reports drones in her
neighborhood in Campbell, Ca where the Raj pole was found at
any time?

12. Is she under any kind of NDA agreement, private, commercial,
or government that she cannot speak on the drones at all
13. Many viewers think she is taking advantage of their
intelligence by her silence and not providing the whole story,
in the face of overwhelming proof of tampering and lying.
Does she feel she does not owe any explanation to anyone
to set the record straight ?

14. Did C2c, assist her in anyway to vet verify any of the
witnesses.besides throwing the entire matter in her
lap abruptly, after Isaac stated c2c would be the conduit for
15... Does she believe that silence, actually helps the cause of
truth in this case or has possiblyhelped the hoaxers/disinfo
16 In a recent Dronelike Sighting She interviewed a witness ,Ruud, the Holland Case, who admitted his camera dates may have been incorrect, never said it was a drone, mayhave been mistaken about wind, and time of day, sunset originally reported as by camera, , but changed after to 130pm.. Yet failed to mention that subsequent analysis indicated that in most probability it was a waldof kite, popular in in petten and holland, , a kite flying and wind surfing area known internationally. Even he has admitted he never knew so many kinds of kites existed. The analysis showed the object fit the profile of a kite..yet she failed to mention that in her report. Choosing to Bolster tthe Chad report, we know took place in Los Gatos, not Bakersfield. Why would she continue to want to bolster a known hoax?

!7. LMH mentions an organized campaign of misinfo, yet refuses to say what and who that is, and reveal what info she has from her own campaign connected to paid people and a financed group, of promoting what many, the vast majority, have found to be a hoax. Can she comment on that?

Please add on,highlight the actual question in pink for cut and paste later by me so they are at the top here always.

I will ask Conference attendees , to look at these as they are developing. The more that see these, the better. We are off to a good start already. Visitors from other sites, please feel free to post same at your usual home sites as well.

Thank you.
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xx Re: Unanswered Drone Questions for LMH Whitley No
« Reply #1 on: May 1st, 2009, 1:37pm »

The upcoming two events in may and June that include Linda are
The first one is like a fun Festival for only 10 bucks a workshop or lecture.

the second one is the for the real serious of course and is 250 dollars, and psychic readings provided

Its the Dream team from DreamLand and gives an explanation of reverse engineering and the Crop Circles!!!

Here are the dates and places! and even a blurb that will leave you with the willies
Friday, May 15 & Saturday, May 16, 2009
UFO Speakers · Costume Parade · Live Music · Kids’ Fun and more!

McMinnville, OR unt2=307456612&ProductID=407&Target=products.asp

Dreamland Festival II
The Dreamland Festival is Back! June 26-28 in Nashville: What We Know and What We SUSPECT.
Let me guess..nothing for part one and a whole lot for part 2.

from the site:
One of the things that happens to everybody working at the edge is that we become very cautious. We hedge our bets for fear of being wrong. BUT there is a LOT that we suspect and cannot prove...and this year, THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT WE'RE GOING TO BE TALKING ABOUT! You mean a lot about nothing? At least that was honest.

The crop circles of 2008 astonished researchers and silenced debunkers, and Linda Moulton Howe is going to tell us why and then go beyond public knowledge and into the mysterious world of leaked documents and attempts to back-engineer technology based on the patterns. One pattern in 2008 amazed scientists when the first ten digits of the infinite number Pi were found embedded in t. This coded circle was found near Barbury castle, where a 1991 circle inspired astronomer Gerald Hawkins to discover new geometry theorems. Further, in 2008 and 1991, the same Barbury Castle ratcheted spiral designs in which numbers have been embedded is found in an alleged leaked document from the 1980s linked to back-engineering extraterrestrial technology. This is THE crop circle presentation. There has been nothing like it before. EVER. HAHAHAHA!

This one is going to be REAL fun..
PLUS THIS YEAR, OUR POPULAR NEW HOST MARLA FREES WILL BE WITH US. Marla is a brilliant and powerful psychic and medium, and she will offer a two hour gallery reading for the whole group, as well as individual 'Kamikaze Readings' for as many of us as time permits.

Dang, Mdme Cleo wasn't Invited sad
But Don't forget to take your list with you!
cheesy grin
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xx Re: Unanswered Drone Questions for LMH Whitley No
« Reply #2 on: May 7th, 2009, 01:12am »

User Image
What ever happened to Sylvia, I mean..American Shirley?
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xx Re: Unanswered Drone Questions for LMH Whitley No
« Reply #3 on: May 7th, 2009, 10:32am »

11. Did Sylvia browne ever mention any reports drones in her neighborhood in Campbell, Ca where the Raj pole was found at any time?

Sylvia Browne? Sylvia Browne?? She's a hack!
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The Rev.
xx Re: Unanswered Drone Questions for LMH Whitley No
« Reply #4 on: May 7th, 2009, 12:00pm »

Hi seeker,
If you wiki her she indeed does have a rather colorful background, to put it mildly.
I was surprised the PI's, who seemed to have disappeared also, did not look her up, as well as any of the other UFO groups, like OPUS=Mufon right near the crime, I mean, scene of the Event. I mean ,if there were murmurings of anything happening someone would have reported something thru the grapevine. Jeez, the head of EBAY lives there in Campbell too!

Aside from that, I recall Whitley blurting out the name Sylvia,as one of the credible witnesses who they talked too. The only female one I know of that was ever reached was Shirley.
That could have been just a Pseudonym. So though not conclusive, or proof of this Sylvia Browne, it made me and others wonder even at the time before we knew about the Campbell Raj pole find. She lives and has an agnostic/christian church there too, you know the kind that melds all the religions together quite popular themes in those areas.

Another curiosity I found involving a Shirley , and this may be totally innocent, repeat innocent, is that a Shirley registered at OMF on April 16, 2007 , posted a Birthdate of October 8, 1938.
Odd as most Females don't post their birthdates, but it does happen so what else is new?

What struck me was that the birthday for Sylvia Browne, is October, 18, 1936. See wiki. Same month ,Just an unusual coincidence, I am sure, The poster never returned or logged in.
User Image

This was one week or so after the first Chad sighting. Its also about the time when Linda started coming up with cases she had, to the best of my knowledge ever reported, until AFTER Chads DragonFly Drone appeared.
OMF had not even started looking for American Shirley until December 2007.

So given the slip of tongues, nothing of interest. An accident.But given the Campbell location, other minor anomalies, like PIs living near there too.. Sylvia should have become a person of interest as a resource by Linda right there, as they know each other. This is different than me saying they were one and same. Just that if all three different, they seem to all all fall in same age bracket, as Shirley the witness, was a retired mental health worker.
Rather, I'm looking at it as a known resource, and contact , among others , at least from my perspective, anyway, That apparently never was consulted before or after the Raj pole was found.

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Mmm, yes, very curious, very interesting....


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xx Re: Unanswered Drone Questions for LMH Whitley No
« Reply #5 on: Jun 4th, 2009, 12:03pm »

on May 7th, 2009, 01:12am, Sammy Davis Jr. wrote:
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Is it a Mallodile or a Crockard?
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xx Re: Unanswered Drone Questions for LMH Whitley No
« Reply #6 on: Jun 5th, 2009, 02:10am »

its a Malodille! hahaha that was good..Isnt it cute!?
but I won't go kutchy kutchy koo with that one. grin
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xx Re: Unanswered Drone Questions for LMH Whitley No
« Reply #7 on: Oct 14th, 2009, 7:41pm »

on Jun 4th, 2009, 12:03pm, Marvin wrote:
Is it a Mallodile or a Crockard?

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