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Feb 22nd, 2018, 6:46pm

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xx The Secret of Olyphant
« Thread started on: Jul 8th, 2008, 6:39pm »

The Secret of Olyphant, The secret of the pyramids and the ufos. This is an introduction to the greatest scientific and religious discovery in the history of the world. In my next message to you I will relate to you the ufo story connected with the town of Olyphant Pa. which is located 6mi. north of Scranton in Nepa.

The greatest, the most incredible, the most shocking, and the most censored theory/story in world history. Censored by the establishment who are enemies of the truth. The story they do not want you to know. Olyphant Pa. the most mysterious town in the history of the world. The town has an incredible hidden world that no one knew about. The town of Olyphant is designed after ancient Egypt but the mystery is that no one knew it until I discovered it. For instance there is a giant Sphinx in Olyphant 5mi long and no one knew it. How could you have a hidden world in an area of about 500,000 people and not know it? How do you explain this? Who created Olyphant?

Olyphant means the secret of the gods. The secret of the pyramids and the ufos can be found in Olyphant. Oly- high, lofty, sublime, distinct, unique, all knowledge as in Mount Olympus the secret home of the gods. Phant- as in phantom, ghost, spirit an illusion. With a name and definition like this do you think that Olyphant is an ordinary town? Our researchers have discovered a door or portal in Olyphant that leads into another world or dimension and is being used by ufos. The magical spirit of Houdini is all over Olyphant. For more info. go to and punch in the secret of Olyphant. To see the secret of the pyramids, that everything in the universe is made from pyramids of light and that you do not actually die but live forever go to To see the great pyramid, the giant sphinx and the churches Orion star pattern go to on left to John Peruka secrets, also go to and then to the supernatural message board to see theunified field theory
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