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Feb 22nd, 2018, 6:46pm

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 thread  Author  Topic: Why Do Some UFOs Split into Two Pieces?  (Read 206 times)
xx Why Do Some UFOs Split into Two Pieces?
« Thread started on: Aug 12th, 2017, 3:47pm »

We wouldn't even find out about this effect if it were not for the ETs who have the habit of keeping their "craft" nicely illuminated, so the earthlings wouldn't miss the show after the sunset. Obviously such a display has its own purpose similar to the one of a signaling flashlight. Some four hundred years ago, people ignorant of electricity and the Morse code would surely wonder about the nature of "the devil's light." However, the chances that they would ever figure out the Morse code watching the light pulses and could read the message are virtual zero. So why would the ET's even bother doing something similar?

That's because they include heavy clues how to extract their messages.

Here is an example of such a clue:

Any object can be rendered as a character string, like XXXXX, &&&&&&&, 123456, Y67ccDA$g9G, and so on. Let's consider object XXXX. You look by chance at the nighttime sky and see something peculiar - something that is not a usual guest to the p.m. skies. As you watch the well-illuminated object, it suddenly splits into two comparable parts. You can render the change this way:

Before splitting: XXXX
After splitting: XX XX

If you organize the change as a sequence of events, you get this:


Does that rendering remind you of something?

If it doesn't, you can include a slash to indicate that object XXXX was divided into two parts:


If that still doesn't ring the bell - well, there are other fun things to do in life...

So what could be that rendering reminiscent of?

Here is an option:

XXXX( )XX/XX => 1947( )06/24

A date in the YearMonthDay (YMD) format?

The YMD (or YDM) format is actually the UFO....? (UFOrmat) that relates to dates.

This idea needs to be tested. Suppose that a family goes on a trip to Yellowstone where, on the 4th day of the month, shoots a video of an object in the sky splitting into two parts. How would you render the object?

There is one unique letter in the name Yellowstone and that's the first letter, because its the only capital letter in the name. Since the sighting took place on the 4th day of the month, you copy letter Y four times to get the rendition (definition) of the object in its solid form.


Since Y stands for the year, the splitting of YYYY into YY YY calls for splitting some year into two parts. Let's try it with the current year.

YYYY is to YY YY as 2017 is to 20 17

Well done. But what is the meaning of that split numbers 20 and 17? It cannot indicate month and day, because there are only twelve months in the year.

Here comes the ever-clever solution: You can extract the rest of the full date via WHERE. The extraction depends on the symbol that you stick between 20 and 17 to fill the space. Since "and" also means "+", you can make the substitution.

20 and 17 -----> 20 + 17

Since 20 + 17 = 37, WHERE=37.

It all makes perfectly sense - WHERE indicates some location that has been assigned number 37. Had the number been 51, like WHERE=51, the ET's would have surely referred to the notorious Area 51. But the split year 2017 returns WHERE=37. What the heck is 37?

Keep thinking in the terms of s p l i t t i n g and experiment a bit. See, you can also get 37 by splitting object 5013, this time using "minus" as a separator:

5013 ---> 50 - 13 = 37

In other words, you split USA into two parts: the 13 original states and those 37 that followed. Now the rest of the full date is easy: get that 13 in terms of Day & Month. Here is the solution:

Split Year: 20 + 17 = 37 (the number of the follow up states)
Day&Month: 21 - 8 = 13 (the number of original states)

where 21-8 means 21. August.

Hold on, right now! There is an obvious ambiguity in the whole scheme, because there are other options how to arrive at 13. Here are a few Day - Month = 13 examples:

13 = 22 - 9 or 22. September
13 = 20 - 7 or 20. July
13 = 19 - 6 or 19. June

all the way to 14. January (14 - 1 = 13)

So why is the solution 21. August (21 - 8 = 13) unique?

The reason is that 2017, 21. August marks a significant relation between {WHEN: 21. August 2017} and {WHERE: USA (13+37 states)}

Really? But I don't see any significance in it.

Well, the reason why you can't see the significance, dear earthling, is because it got too dark to see anything, and that's because the sun quit - right in the middle of the day:

The so-called Great American Total Solar Eclipse will darken skies all the way from Oregon to South Carolina, along a stretch of land about 70 miles (113 kilometers) wide. People who descend upon this "path of totality" for the big event are in for an unforgettable experience.

Aha! Hmm. Well... Okay.

So here is the special link between WHEN and WHERE once again.

21. August ---> 21-8 (natural syntax) ---> (21 - 8 = 13) ---> (13 original states)
2017 ---> UFOsplit ---> (20 17) ---> (20+17) ---> (20+17=37) ---> (37 follow-up states)

This WHEN/WHERE arrangement is really a cool coincidence and serves mainly as a template for significant earthquake prediction ET messages. But is it a coincidence or did the ETs pushed a bit to make it happen?

Remember that when Kenneth Arnold spotted those nine strange objects back in 1947, the USA was made of only 48 states and so the "Great US Solar Eclipse Coincidence" wouldn't have materialize had the count stayed that way. But to answer that, one needs to go back to the Roswell case and figure out what the ETs signaled there.

What? They signaled something? Like hell they did. The ET pilots were drunk, or fell asleep at the controls after the long inter-space journey failing to see a weather balloon in front of them. The collision send both their lovely saucer and the balloon down.
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