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Mar 18th, 2018, 10:03pm

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xx Poltergeist investigated at SW library
« Thread started on: Nov 10th, 2005, 4:38pm »

Poltergeist investigated at SW library


People Editor

Much has been written about the supernatural and ghost stories abound in Green River.

There are over 120 recorded experiences of unexplained events in the ghost log which can be reviewed in the Sweetwater County library.

Gates opening, strange smells, noises such as whistling and whispering, electronic machines turning on by themselves, breezes from nowhere, someone watching, are among the occurrences that library employees and others have recorded over the years.

Some of these intriguing stories were narrated in a showing Thursday and Tuesday evenings by Christina Shepard.

However, the Southwest Paranormal Investigation Society, a newly formed group of local aficionados, took it a step further.

They actually tried to catch the ghosts in action.

At the presentation, David Halter introduced a CD explaining the group's scientific approach to the paranormal.

Halter is a technology coordinator for the library system. His interest in technology is both a profession and a hobby.

“I was kind of our ticket into the building,” he said.

They used a sight/sound approach, setting up cameras and tape recordings in their attempt to document a paranormal presence.

On the night of Sept. 23, the team went into action.

They used a two prong strategy. Part of the group would wander the library with cameras and tape recorders and the rest would monitor the equipment that had been placed at strategic points in the library.

Any reading on their ghost detector above 1.5 miligauss would indicate a supernatural presence.

“Joe (Barbuto) said he saw a shadow pass by on one of the cameras but we weren't recording yet,” Halter said. “The ghost was smart enough to do everything before we started recording.”

Later, audio footage revealed screams on the tape but Halter said that when he replayed the tape to record them on the CD, the screams had mysteriously disappeared.

During the evening Hannah Redden felt sick on her stakeout in the employee's lounge. She went home until she felt better and then came back to the library. She felt well for the rest of the evening.

“Apparently the staff lounge makes people sick,” Halter said.

Subsequently, a team from the Colorado chapter of the American Association of Paranormal Investigators visited with the Green River team and conducted an investigation of their own.

“They got translucent orbs of light in their photos and a big spike in audio recordings but we won't know the results of their investigation until next week,” Halter said.

Halter is convinced there is such a thing as paranormal activity. The Colorado group confirmed the legitimacy of his inquiry.

“We're lucky we did the investigation correctly,” he said.

The SPIS plans to do further research in the spring, according to Halter.

“The time of year can affect the outcome,” he said.

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