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Mar 23rd, 2018, 08:11am

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xx The ghost manifestation - science
« Thread started on: Mar 15th, 2016, 12:03am »

Our atmosphere demonstrates that it records sound and image by its photonic interaction with the organic life.

Psychics and mediums/channelers and everyday human beings witness human spirits, animal spirits and alien spirits manifest, interact and disappear.

We know by self experience that our higher self, consciousnes is a loving, kind, caring self.....our human experience determines if we choose to be mean, nasty or do evil acts against another....and other life is simply mutated and cannot express its consciousness correctly...not their fault.

Therefore when we die, we have witnessed remanifestation of our family, who may not have been very nice on Earth in life, but return as loving spirits. We know that our higher light self is in origin light communicating to our manifested lower organic self...spirit.

We make recordings everyday of our life, our feelings/emotions in the atmosphere as our life story.

Normally these light sound eventually disappears in an evolving atmosphere...but our atmosphere is now de-evolving by the removal of energy that normally remasses.

Therefore unnatural photonic streams cause the atmosphere to take recordings of recordings and now human life memory begins to manifest all by itself as a fake/artificial memory in an unnatural evil state.

If the human records were nice, then the spirit manifesting is reasonable in the unnatural interaction. If the human life was nasty, then the manifestation of the fake spirit is also nasty.

The review of a ghost is only a recording of a recording, that science causes due to occult practice....burning/converting our atmospheric body.

This is why the study of ghosts demonstrates that it is only a signal and not actually a presence....yet real spiritual interaction is a presence, done so by the light spirit that owns spirit itself.

Occultism studying paranormal manifestations were hoping that the artificial spirit manifestations that they study (seeing they are applying the sound attack to study the manifestation to provide the evidence in internet photographs) demonstrates to us all occultism at its evilest...hoping that it was the God ghost....ha ha occultist only the fake/artificial spirit that you are causing yourself.
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