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Some Interesting Moon Pictures
Post by cosmicjbw on Mar 29th, 2017, 9:11pm

Below is a page of pics taken by the astronauts from the Apollo 17 mission. What are the two lights hovering near and over the astronauts throughout most of this page?

Apollo Image Atlas
70mm Hasselblad Image Catalog
Apollo 17, Magazine J
Images AS17-133-20193 to AS17-133-20375


Below; in a picture on the same page, there was a strange anomaly in the pic. I don't know what it is but it isn't in any of the other pics.



Re: Some Interesting Moon Pictures
Post by cosmicjbw on Mar 29th, 2017, 9:14pm

Here is another pic. This one is from the Apollo 7 mission:



I don't know what the heck that thing is!
Re: Some Interesting Moon Pictures
Post by cosmicjbw on Mar 30th, 2017, 12:40am

Ok, this next one was a WOW moment for me. These next pics need some explanation. These are from the Mercury 1 mission, taken on Dec 19, 1960. The pics have a lot of scratches and markings and so any of the typical smaller “UFO” type objects IMO have to be dismissed as possible distortion due to poor picture quality [give them a break… it was 1960]. Sorry to have to say that, but after looking at hundreds of them thus far, it is nearly impossible to tell the difference, or at least to say for sure.

Ok, having said that, let’s get to that WOW moment!

Below is the main page to the Mercury missions:


In the Mercury 1A mission, there were 420 pictures. Several of the first pics are on the ground, looking out the window, and eventually it lifts off and into space, or earth’s orbit. All of the pics up to this point are of a steady hand by the astronaut, looking out the window. Ok, at picture 255, something strange is seen. At first, I thought it looked like a reflection of a belt or something from the inside of the vessel, but I’m not so sure. Anyways, below is pic 255:


And then, in pic 266, something else, that looks totally different appears… still a reflection from inside the vessel? Below pic 266:


And yet again, in pic 269, yet another object appears, but this one to me is different, and seems harder to say it is a reflection from inside the vessel, because when I look it seems it’s coming from the darkness of space. It could still just be a reflection, but each reflection from essentially the same place and angle seems to me a bit odd. Below the pic 269:


Ok, now the next three pics below were the WOW moment for me. I would like to know anybody’s opinion if they care. The next pic is 274. It shows yet another object. I said to myself, ok this one HAS to be a reflection from inside the vessel! The object kinda looks like the head-rest piece of a chair, similar to what one would think a chair for a spaceship might look like [I guess]; it is also at about the same place and angle that the astronaut’s chair might be; there is a light at the upper left corner of the window on the inside and it seems like [assuming there is actually a chair setting right there to make to reflection in the first place] it could reflect light off of the chair and onto the window. It seemed to be fairly reasonable. Then I started really looking that the object and the more I did the more I became convinced it was not a reflection at all but a strange object that had actually came right up to the window that the astronaut was looking out of! It was looking right at him! Below pic 274:


Ok, so maybe I got excited a little when I thought about what it could have been like to be alone in some dinged up shell of a rocket, hurling around the orbit of earth at a fast rate, half way between a violent gravitational doom and being hurled aimlessly into the darkness of space, or hitting a space rock or something, or I am sure all of the certain dangers he must have faced… all these thoughts plus I am sure being very elated and amazed by the experience of it all… then comes some object right up to your window… at a point in time I am sure the astronaut couldn’t have been or felt more alone… how terrifying that would have been! Wig-Out time my friends! Why do I continue on about pic 274 above when you maybe have already discounted it as a [or another] reflection from inside the vessel? Well look at the next pic and tell me what you think. Below is pic 275:


Now, it is obvious and very clear that the object was outside? Still doubt? Near the start of this post somewhere I mention the astronaut had a steady hand from the ground to lift-off to space. From pic 1 to pic 275, the astronaut had a steady hand, everything is cool. Below is the very next pic 276


Please note to the left and bottom left of the pic the astronaut’s decidedly un-steady hand. Then one more, in pic 279, there is another object in the window, but another that really is hard to say… they seem ghostly except the one that came close up… well that is my own opinion anyways, the convincing evidence is all three pics [274-276] combined. They tell a little story that happened one interesting day in December of 1960. Almost forgot, last one tonight, pic 279:


Re: Some Interesting Moon Pictures
Post by cosmicjbw on Apr 3rd, 2017, 12:28am

It just occurred to me that these really are not moon pics, heh. tongue

They were the first steps to the moon, anyways.

Below is a good series of pics from the Mercury 5 mission. They illustrate what an object looks like in space from 1960's photographs. Mercury 5 was conducted on November 29, 1961. The pics show some type of booster or detached piece of equipment that is close by and then steadily falls into the earth's atmosphere. I thought it was cool, and good for comparison to other objects that one may find when looking at space pics. It begins with pic MA-5-4712-020 and ends with MA-5-4712-027


Re: Some Interesting Moon Pictures
Post by cosmicjbw on Apr 17th, 2017, 2:50pm

Ok, since last post I have looked over hundreds of the Mercury and Gemini pictures, and have learned alot.

One thing I have noticed is that during any given mission, NASA will be doing several experiments along the way. Some of these things can be seen in the pictures but are not really addressed... this causes people like myself, who look at these pictures without alot of understanding about the missions themselves [other than a general idea], to misinterpret what is seen.

The bright light that is seen in some of the pictures, I guess that really is the sun... having now seen all different angles with the sunlight leads me to say this... BTW, the sun while being in space, is creepy. As a matter of fact, viewing all of the sunlight pictures in the Mercury and Gemini missions has given me a much better idea of what it would be like to be in space! I really recommend anyone look through those pictures, if they have the time or are so inclined. The later Gemini missions have some really high quality pics.

Having said this though I would like to state that I have seen countless UFOs to the truest of definitions.
Re: Some Interesting Moon Pictures
Post by cosmicjbw on Apr 17th, 2017, 3:18pm

Gemini 9 - May 27, 1966

Below is the opening page to the Gemini 9 pictures:


Below begins a series of pictures showing a part of the craft, or the cone, or whatever... tongue They call it the ATDA:


Now, go through to S66-37915_G09-H, and look at this picture. There are three objects that I don't know what those things are...

Ok, look at the top tip of the ATDA cone and you can see a saucer disc shaped object and it is not part of the ATDA because it is not visible in the other pictures of the ATDA [that I saw].

It looks like it could be a probe or instrument that came out of the cone...ok.

Now look to the very bottom of the picture and there is this other object that looks very bizarre, and now look to the right of this object and up a little, to the right side of the picture and there can be seen something else which is obscure.


Now, the next picture show the last two objects again, but they have both moved above the ATDA, where before they were below.

I noticed something: These two objects are in the exact same positions to each other, in both of the pictures. Strange.