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Just saw a UFO...
Post by Siriusly on Feb 13th, 2017, 7:50pm

Literally just made an account on this site as I think I've seen a UFO. I'm pretty sure it's not the first time, but this time I'm fascinated and have to share.
The sighting was over South West Essex; I saw what I originally thought was a very bright star, then thought was a plane, before realising it was something else.
I thought it was strangely bright for a star, especially when I saw the stars behind it and how extremely dull they were in comparison. I watched it a bit more, and thought I saw it flickering, so figured it must be a plane. So, as I sometimes do when I'm awake at night, I decided to watch the plane fly over. It didn't appear to be moving. At first I thought it was because it was so far away it just didn't appear to be moving; then I realised it actually wasn't (or at least, much). I scrutinised it further and realised it was moving minutely; it almost seemed to be moving in circles and zig-zags, hovering over the area. I contemplated if it could be a helicopter, but it just didn't seem logical. I made some notes upon first seeing it, in which I stated I could see a 'faint flashing light on the bottom, [which] appeared to be red, while the others [appeared] to be white.' I also noted that 'upon looking closer, I could've sworn I saw a curvature to the arrangement of the lights', but it was so far away, it was hard to tell. I tried to get a video of the phenomenon, but my iPhone failed me - and I had no other devices at hand. I managed to take some (very grainy) pictures instead, which look quite different from how the object looked in real life, but it's still interesting. I'd love to attatch the image here, but I'm not sure how. If anyone can help me out, please let me know.
In the meantime, I'd love to hear if anyone has any thoughts on this, or has seen anything similar in the same area. I would love to hear from anybody who has had a similar experience.
Re: Just saw a UFO...
Post by Cliff-67 on Feb 14th, 2017, 2:06pm

Hi Siriusly and welcome !

To load pics, I use photobucket. Direct copy works. When replying, you will see 2 rows of boxes. On the 2nd row, 4th box from the left, click it and paste between the two [img] here [/img .

I would like to see your pics. It would help narrow down the possibilities of what you saw if a further description is given. Such as the time, and direction of the object you saw. Was it the brightest object in the sky ? Etc.

Hope this helps .


Re: Just saw a UFO...
Post by john12345 on Feb 20th, 2017, 6:07pm

Venus per chance ?

Re: Just saw a UFO...
Post by supersidufo on Feb 21st, 2017, 07:26am

I live further north of this sighting near the Tyne River ! Looking west at the same time Venus is readily visable ??

Re: Just saw a UFO...
Post by INT21 on Feb 21st, 2017, 2:15pm

Venus was very bright last night. I actually paused for more than the usual perfunctory glance when I say the bright light in the West.
From my perspective the brilliance kept increasing and decreasing, but that was due to some high level thin cloud that was blowing past.

It is a fact that if you watch a light in the dark it will appear to move. Usually upward and to the right. It's something we were told to be aware of when I was in the army.

Tonight (Tuesday) we have rain and 100% cloud cover; can't see a thing.

Re: Just saw a UFO...
Post by Bocker on Jun 27th, 2017, 03:23am

That's a great post Siriusly: detailed and level-headed. I hope you don't allow people's mandatory scepticism to dishearten you. Perhaps also you should get your sighting logged by a local UFO organisation, such as BUFORA.

Venus is a possibility - as is a geostationary satellite (the latter being a much overlooked explanation of some sightings). However, I feel that Venus is way overdone as a catch all explanation. That planet has been employed to explain away the Papua New Guineau sighting of 1959 (A missionary with bad eyesight saw Venus throufgh his eyelashes and thought he saw occupants on a craft waving at him - apparently) and Jimmy Carter's sighting (even though this involved the object whizzing away out of sight).

Having said that I once visited the south of France and saw Venus as if for the first time - minus cloud cover and light pollution - and was amazed by how impressively big and bright it looked.(I understand you're having a heatwave over there, so maybe conditions are similar?)

I also recall a remark that Arthur C.Clarke once made - to the effect that he `wouldn't cross the road` to invetigate a light in the sky - as they could be pretty much anything.

Your inability to photo the thing is significant too: people imagine that just because we are drowning in digital gizmos these days that these are easy to use when a surpirise incident happens such as this. Not so!

(Sorry to ramble. Tis my first post).

Re: Just saw a UFO...
Post by INT21 on Jun 27th, 2017, 1:52pm


..(A missionary with bad eyesight saw Venus throufgh his eyelashes and thought he saw occupants on a craft waving at him - apparently) ..

Problem with that is that the object etc involved in that case was supposedly seen by a number of people there at the time.
Also a bright planet millions of miles away is unlikely to be confused with an object just off the coast; with or without eyelashes.


...The size of five full moons lined up...

is somewhat larger that Venus; wouldn't you agree ?

And geostationary satellites being mistaken for ufos falls down when one has to consider that by definition they are stationary and in the same place every day.
Also very small and hard to see.

However, having said that, don't be discouraged from posting your views just because some here may not agree with you at times, there is always a possibility you may be correct at least some of the time.
Venus is indeed quite impressive.