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Disc over Cornwall 1 Sept
Post by husk on Sep 4th, 2017, 1:45pm

Hi everyone, I am obviusoly new here, but I am trying to deal with what I just witnessed and I am unable to fully process the effect is has had on me. I so last Friday I had an encounter that has just stunned me. I suppose on the scale of sightings its probably of minor note, but my god its changed me!

So I was in the back garden of my Dad's place and I felt the need to look up and there as clear as day was an object sticking out the afternoon sky like a sore thumb. I have to say my heart began racing as soon as it dawned on me that this was not normal. I have initially described it as a roundish bright soild object with white and grey color and shape to it and with a slight halo around it. But I now think, for the brief moments I watched stunned, I was possible looking at a 'disc' and what I thought was the halo was infact the edge of the disc. Sorry guys but I am pretty shaken by this and have not had much sleep over the weekend. Until you see something like this that is undisputably other worldly, you just dont know how your gonna feel.

I started to record with my camera phone, think i would catch it and I really thought I did but the clouds were fast moving and it was swollowed up or it moved. BUT, I kept filming in the hope it would come back and later when I was reviewing the footage, bingo! I got the object shooting up and away. And a analysis of the object in photoshop shows clearly a classic disc! I put together a video and posted my first ever youtube video. I hope it not against the fourm rules but here is the link and I would really like some help undertanding this. I need help here guys because on relfection it must have been fairly low in altitude becuase in the video its a blurrly white disc but what I saw which was frozen there in the sky was very clear. It was how it was so still that was spooky. I have recently been to some crop circles and I know it might sound crazy, but can EBEs sense that energy? I cant sleep and I am not sure I am ready to have another sighting like this right now.


Some of the screen grabs showing the disc.

Re: Disc over Cornwall 1 Sept
Post by thelmadonna on Sep 4th, 2017, 4:24pm

Hello Husk, here is a link with video from around your way a day or so before your sighting.


and another but could possibly be same. I didn't watch through.


It is very likely this has shaken you to your grass roots, try hard not to dwell on it.
Re: Disc over Cornwall 1 Sept
Post by husk on Sep 4th, 2017, 4:52pm

Hey thelmadonna

no, this is very different, what I experienced was I think the classic saucer encounter, very real, and very intense. Yep, it has shaken me, keeping busy, but will take some time to recover and absorb the experience. My greatest fear is alien abduction, now it appears this phenomena is for real!

Re: Disc over Cornwall 1 Sept
Post by thelmadonna on Sep 4th, 2017, 4:59pm

Not much you can do about that either, speaking as one who knows!

Was there any missing time? Any health issues? nose bleeds, headaches, tinnitus?
Re: Disc over Cornwall 1 Sept
Post by husk on Sep 4th, 2017, 5:11pm

sounds like you came through the other side of your experience ok? Hope so. Not sure I would, I mean its so freakin profound. What happen with you?

As I said before until one has an experience like this, existence seems, well somewhat mundane. This has completely f'd me up!

No, nothing abnormal to report. thank god! But I just fear another encounter, because I saw a small black object (that looked about the size of a ice hockey puck in the sky) 'fly' right over head a couple of weeks before this, so I am panicking a little.
Re: Disc over Cornwall 1 Sept
Post by thelmadonna on Sep 4th, 2017, 6:09pm

A link