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UFOs Sweden1946 More Interesting Than Roswell 1947
Post by Equalizer on May 19th, 2013, 8:40pm

Sweden and The Ghost Rockets
Fascinating reads!!
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12 Apr 45 - US destroyer Mannert L. Abele sunk by Ohka kamikaze rocket plane


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Dec 44 - Chelomei-designed Soviet V-1 copies (10X or 10Ch) begin flight testing in launches from Pe-8 bomber aircraft, since catapult launch ramps had yet to be copied
Too late the military realized what had happened and ordered the newspapers not to write about the rocket airburst. It was of course too late: the Germans already knew what had happened. The officials also ordered the local population in Gräsdal and its surroundings to immediately return all items that had been picked up on the spot as souvenirs or "useful" items. This was partly successful, but large parts of the rocket still remained in the district.The collected parts were brought to F12 (Air Regiment 12) in Kalmar and from there to the Defence Aeronautical Experimental Institute at Bromma airport in Stockholm... The task of examining the remains of the "aerial torpedo" was given to Henry Kjellson, an experienced aerial wreckage expert, otherwise mostly known for constructing the airplane Tummelisa and for having written some books on ancient technology in the spirit of Erich von Däniken. Among other things he wrote a book called Seven Nights On Top Of the Cheops Pyramid, where he describes his relation to the pyramids, and in the book Technology In Prehistoric Times he joins in on the Atlantis-theory for explaining the link between the two sun-worshipping cultures in Egypt and South America. Apart from this he interprets the prophecies of Hesekiel in Old Testament as if the prophet saw a vehicle, part airplane, part helicopter. His conclusion from numerous unconnected pieces of induction evidence is that an advanced civilization populated Earth in the past, and was destroyed by an asteroid collision or similar about 4000 BC. His books in this genre is read mostly by fanatic ufologists worldwide. [http://www.constancedemby.com/ancienttech_f.html]

Re: UFOs Sweden1946 More Interesting Than Roswell
Post by skizicks on May 20th, 2013, 9:44pm

Interesting, thanks.